Lady Bug Foot Art

By ari - November 09, 2011

As usual with the introduction of most of my posts lately, the original idea for this was found on Pinterest. Since our baby friend Bug's naming day was Ladybug themed, Monster and I got into the spirit of things!

We I decided that Monster should make Bug a card for her party! He was VERY excited with the idea of painting his feet!

I painted the sole of his foot red, he's not even ticklish! And the heel of his foot I painted black. Then I got him to lean on me as he stood on one leg, using his painted foot as a stamp. He thought it was HILARIOUS.

 The first one was perfect! It was too much fun, so we decided to make some more and give them to grandparents and lucky others. Things went a little crazy and...

well look...

That is a messed up Ladybug!

 While we waited for them to dry, I taught Monster what a dot was and how to make one. Dot Dot Dot! Still fun!

When the bug feet prints were dry, I drew on some spots, eyes and antlers with a permanent marker.

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