Peter Pan

By ari - November 19, 2011

A few weeks ago, I decided that my Monster and I would have a Peter Pan day! Things didn't go as planned as some exciting things concerning the baby in my belly were happening which included several blood tests and doctor visits, but what DID happen was that Monster got to watch Peter Pan, and he got to dress as Peter Pan!

He loved it. He wore his little costume all day, and then a few days later when I took the boot covers off his boots he got anxious when he couldn't find them!

I winged the boot covers completely, and I cannot believe how awesome they turned out! I shall definitely be making a tutorial and pattern for them!

I used brown fleece and sewed elastic underneath to keep them on his gumboots. I added fold over cuffs to make them more Peter Pannish, and a little point on the toe!

His hat his made from green felt, and I used the shapes Ashley showed in her Peter Pan Costume at Make It and Love It. I found some red feathers in a bag {I think they were left overs from his Cowboy + Indian Party?} which cracked me up that they just happened to be there! I glued one inside the brim of the hat

Think Happy Thoughts

His shirt and shorts are reconstructed from a green zip-up jacket mum gave me to reconstruct, I kept the original collar and the zip, melting it at the bottom so it would unzip completely when I had to cut it shorter.

The shorts are just basic little shorts I made from the go-to pants pattern for my skinny tot - Dana's Kids Pants.

I was making a Tinkerbell costume for myself but I never got to finish it. My little Peter Pan really enjoyed himself, but I want to try again to make a special adventurous day just for him in Neverland.

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  1. omg i am in love! especially with the pic of the shadow- fabulous! hope you still make the tink costume though!! xo

  2. What a great idea! I love the Peter Pan costume you made. Your little guy looks great it in. Kind of wish my baby who is 17 was little again to do something like this. Hope you get to do your Peter Pan day again. :)

  3. DARLING! It looks like a little vintage costume (my favorite) and looks so cute on!

  4. Where is the tutorial for the booties? They are soooo cute!!!

  5. Where's the tutorial for the booties? did u ever make it? They are soooo adorable!!

  6. Hey,
    Love the Peter Pan costume. Did you ever make a tutorial for the boot covers?


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