Tutorial: Nursing pads

By ari - November 27, 2011

These are ridiculously easy to make! I made some for myself last time I was pregnant, and while I was clearing out my studio this week I found a whole Batman tin full of ones I had already cut out!

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For the absorbent material, I used a blanket I go second-hand {and washed don't worry!}. It's like a towelling feel but softer.

This is a second blanket I got. It's sort of like a brushed cotton, but a little thicker. You can use whatever you like, old towels with flannelette over the top, as long as it's going to soak up a little bit of leakage!

Cut out your pads. The picture above showed what I needed for a pair. For each pad I used two circles of the blanket fabric and one circle of patterned cotton. The cotton goes on the outside, just to make it pretty, it's totally not even necessary.

Stack the two absorbent circles with the cotton on top and stitch around them. I serged around mine and let it at that. If you don't have an overlocker you can zigzag stitch on your machine, or perhaps sew two rounds of regular straight stitch.

And that's it! I already had about 30 pair cut out, and I was able to sew half of them in about half an hour!

Now trust me on this, when I breastfed Monster I was like a Jersey cow. I made nursing pads identical to these and they worked so well, the best bit is you can chuck em in the washing machine and they come out good as new.

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  1. brilliant idea!! I hate wasting money on disposable nursing pads. I only had a couple washable ones last time so I had to supplement with disposable for when they were in the wash. I'll have to make up a boatload of these before baby #2 comes along.

  2. Would flannel suffice for the absorbent material?? Love how they can be cute even though its completely pointless :) lol

  3. Awesome!! Would flannel work as the absorbency material??
    Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  4. Flannel works great so does recycled tee shirt material. I use flannel or old tee shirt material for the front and back of the pad with an old towel in the center. I make 4 and 5 inch circles for the pads. Later they make great coasters lol.

  5. I use both flannel and recycled tee shirt material on both sides with an old towel between to absorb moisture. I also cut the circles in either 4 or 5 inch circles. Later, you can even use these as coasters. lol

  6. I made some of these for a friends daughter and she loved them. I am no going to make some for my granddaughter to use.

  7. Waw! I'll save this tutorial for my third pregnancy! Wonderfull idea!!!


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