Blast from the Past: The Trashy Sequel

By ari - January 17, 2012

Here's the sequel of photos of things I've made in the past pre-Monster in my life! Click here to see the pretty version if you missed it.

Pretty much all of these pictures were taken myself, or snaked from friends who took them. None of us are professional photographers {Except for where credited}. I was just a little trashy rock chick who didn't fit into any sub-culture but had friends in all of them. Also this was like 5 years ago.

PVC tutu! This sold faster than I could list it, back in the eBay days!

Furry Bear-Ear headband. I keep meaning to make more of these!

Please excuse the boobage! D:
I really loved this hoodie. It wasnt to keep me warm at all, but it just fit so well. I eventually decided to get rid of it and a friend snapped it up which made me happy.

First ever yoked shirt. I didn't ever bother putting buttons on it and would do it up with safety pins! Haha. I had a really cool steer-skull patch I stitched onto it

This was basically my uniform of life for a few years. Mini skirt, leggings, cute tee. The tee was an old ladies leopard-print top from the op-shop and I sliced and diced the heck out of it.

Sick Photoshop Skills, yo... LOL. A handful of t-shirt surgeries I made! How fun though

I made a tonne of mini skirts!


I can't believe my epic photoshop skills. Doesn't it make you jelly? hahah. Transformers tee transformed {for the second time}

[img MIA]

I did a fashion show for a program called Stitch-It. I had the opportunity to do it again this year but there's a little alien in my belly right now that I really can't commit to anything that I will want to go major gung-ho at! Hopefully in a few years I can do it again!

It was fairy tale themed and all my friends and my friend's band were the models! Footwear of choice? Docs!

Sleeping Beauty in green leopard-print haha.

Big Bad Wolf hoodie

Halterneck T-shirt from my friend's band's tee. Oh I wore this SO much!

Back of a Blitzkid tee became the front and bottom of this pencil-skirt with suspenders. My sister then stole it and wore it to work frequently! ahah.

[img MIA]

Calabrese t-shirt surgery and leopard-print bloomers. So cute!

[img MIA]

Black, hooded, button up dress with a low-waist and pleats in the skirt. That was the ideas I wanted in a dress and that's what I made. Posing on the old bathtub seemed like a really cool idea.

[img MIA]

Did you ever meet the B-Grade Horror Hoodies? They were like a cross between mummy wraps and a zombie. We stayed up all night making them, my friend Lucy and I. I really miss having someone around to that with {not that I could anymore} but it was fun and we drank to much coke and overlocked until we were SICK of it. So many memories and dumb delerious in-jokes made that night.

[img MIA]

[img MIA]

I have decided I need to do a Trashy Sequel, sequel! Too many photos!

I'll leave you with this however, the Pink Polka-dot Playskirt!



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  1. I love both of your "blast from the past" posts - I'm just learning to sew and I've found them both really inspirational:) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love all of your old stuff! I remember being blown away the first time I went through your LJ & saw all the cool stuff you've made. I still like to look at it all when I need some DIY inspiration.

  3. I love the horror hoodies!! I'm pretty new to making clothes, any chance of a tutorial/basic how to? (I understand if you can't!) Thanks!
    Helen x

  4. I can not tell what my fave piece is here, everything is pure awesomeness ^^
    But I think I love the bear ear headband the most! I want one!!

  5. can you make a tutorial on the panda ear headband and tutu please also do you have a youtube channel

    1. Sure thing :) And I do have a channel but I don't upload any videos on it


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