Grease Monkey II

By ari - January 13, 2012

UPDATE: Pattern? Literally working on it right now! 
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I promised a pattern and a tutorial for these about a year ago! I made a new pair, and I'm tweaking the pattern now! {omg look how much he's grown since then!}

I used pretty much the same pattern as last time, just had to lengthen the legs a whole lot for my skinny long-legged kid!

Another thing I changed from the original deal was to add pocket flaps {with no pockets} on the back and stitch a little bandanna beneath one of them.

We took photos down at my dad's garage, with his bike.

Like the original, it features a cute collar, back yoke, dropped waistband and long enough legs to roll up.

 The little guy was long past due for his nap, so he wasn't entirely too co-operative!

And yes, that is a blue mohawk he now sports!

I'd been intending to these some time in the next few months, but with Project Run & Play's theme this week being Boy, I thought I may as well make them and enter. Not that I have even the slightest chance of winning, have you seen half the viewer entries? I might have been in with a chance last week for the June Bug pattern remix but guess what, all I needed to do was sew in a zip and I procrastinated and when I remembered I was 2 minutes late to enter. LAME. I'm still going to finish them and post them up because they are the cutest little outfits either!

Have you made anything Boy inspired this year yet? Enter it into the Project Run & Play flickr pool and you could win a gift voucher at! Check their blog for rules and details!

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  1. I still think these coveralls are SUPER cute! When I have a little boy he is totes getting some. Your little monster is getting so big now! I can't believe it!

  2. oh love what you have done, the pockets look ace!! re: the hair, people tell me the same thing about my girls ears being pierced. pfft. each to their own, they will start on the breast is best discussion next!!

  3. your son is the coolest and cutest thing in the world xD love the overalls!!!

  4. Unbeleivably awesome, as always! This outfit is so rad. Your son will have so many cool photos from when he was little. Don't let anyone upset you, there is no question you are a very creative and loving mom. I'm sure you have more fans than critics anyway.

  5. They are amazing! Even my husband just peeked over my shoulder and said they are awesome lol

  6. Cutest fucking thing EVARRRR!

  7. Judgey-McJudgerson's! Rocco had a mohawk at 5 but who could judge? He's blind so I kinda get a pass. Silly people.

    Love those coveralls and wondering if Vinny would wear them. I'll show him these photos and it's a sure sell.

  8. I'm dying from cuteness here! Am I missing the tutorial/pattern or are you still working on it?

  9. How can I get this pattern? This is perfect for what we want our little man's Halloween costume to be!

    1. did you ever get this pattern... I want it also for our little mans costume!

  10. If you have time for me to order two pairs of these one for Elwood and one for a friend's bub, please let me know!

    Greenmantle :)

  11. I have never wanted a pattern more than I want this one. Put me on the list to buy it when you get it done!

  12. I would love to get this pattern for my little girl, to take pictures with her uncles car.

  13. Where can I get the pattern??? LOVE this

  14. do you have a pattern for this yet?

  15. Just wondering if you have a pattern for this yet? It is super cute!

  16. do you have a pattern for this yet? I would love it. These are super cute


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