Mustard Sweater & Golf Pants Surgery

10:34 am

I had this outfit cut out for a while, but it got lost in my mass amounts of "Things I start making then get distracted by something else" pile. The mustard sweater was from a sweater dress my mum gave me to cut up, I love how soft it is. The plaid golf pants were a pair of jeans my sister bought when she was like 16 that i loved and coveted forever until she gave them to me and I turned them into skinnies for myself. The zip busted, and I couldn't be bothered fixing it so I resized them down for Vince. 

I cut the sleeves from the bottom of the existing sleeves, so that the cuffs would stay and I wouldn't have to hem it. I did the same with the body of the sweater, using the cuff of the bottom of the dress for the hem.

He was wearing a black tee underneath, hence the Star Trek-ness...

 I used my trusty pants pattern that I've modified from a million other pants patterns and pants that fit Vin best. I kept taking these pants in at the waist because he's so skinny and otherwise he needs to wear a belt to keep his jeans on.

I bribed him with a gingerbread man we had made, but he was SO SILLY. He would not hold still for a pic. Oh well, action shots are fun.

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  1. These pants are awesome! What a cool outfit.

  2. so cute! What pants pattern do you use?

  3. I love everything about this outfit. EVERYTHING! (Sorry for the shouting ;)

  4. I love the last picture, so cute!

  5. I love it!! Those photos are so great too. Your little guy is getting so big.

  6. Holy Crap he's getting so big! So adorable. <3

  7. He loos so adorable in those pants and shirt. I love his style.
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