Pirate Party!

By ari - January 03, 2012

Little Monster delivering the invites
I decided I wanted to throw a party for my Monster before the end of last year, and after a day of thinking up themes we decided on a Pirate Party!

I designed the invites in Photoshop {Elements}. The fonts I used were Black Sam's Gold + Champagne

I printed them out on coloured thick paper and tore the edges to make them look old, ya know, like you did in primary school when you were being 'arty'. {Arrrrrty? lol}. Then I tied them with twine and put them in mini water bottles we recycled. I tied string around the bottles too, and put some sand and seashells in the bottom. Then we put them in a treasure chest my sister gave me years and years ago that now holds Vince's 23 pairs of 3D glasses.

We drove to our local friend's houses and delivered them all {we were dressed as Pirates}.

 I asked Tim and my Dad to build a mast for out the front, instead of balloons. This looks like a ghost ship mast, but it's so cool! They made it out of curtain rods, the nappy bucket {which my dad spraypainted?} and the leftover calico and hessian. The bricks weighed it down because the wind kept catching it!

Dad + Vin having a swordfight out the front

 I made all the little loot bags from calico fabric with X Marks the Spot stencilled to the fronts of them. It was hard finding pirate goodies last minute that weren't online. I had bought the little spyglasses a few weeks earlier because SOMETIMES I am prepared. The kids got a bubble wand sword, a couple of little games, pirate stickers, bandanna and a spyglass, They also got pretty trinkets/necklaces from whatever they found as 'buried treasure' in the sandpit.

I made all the bandannas {12 all up I think!} just from triangles of fabric and double folded the edges and hemmed them. Easy!

 All the loot bags in the treasure chest

A few months before, Oma + Grumps bought the little Monster this pirate ship sandpit! Since we were waiting for the patio to be extended and built, I hadn't put it together until the week before the party. I figured the guys could just build the roof around the sandpit ^_^ haha.

The Monster and I built this all by ourselves! It took us all day and ol' precious preggo lady here got awful awful cramps :< I need to learn to take it easy. Still. Look how cute it is!

I made some rectangle-shaped bunting for outside, I loved the noise the wind made as it flapped against it! I might make a bigger and longer one for keepsies out there {Our patio now has a roof. It was mid renovations}

He wore his pirate costume for all of ten minutes? None of the babies wanted to wear the bandannas and I didn't even remember to get a photo of them all together! We had so much fun and I was running around like crazy.

I wanted it to be as sugar-free as possible. There really isn't any need to give toddlers and younger sugar at all, even if it is a party! So I did my best and I came up with some things :) No one complained at the lack of sugar!

Orange slice pirate ships. We printed out tiny flags and stuck them onto toothpicks in the oranges. Yum!

This is the printout I made real quick by finding a Jolly Roger on google images and putting it on a black background. This was the only skulls at the party, ahah, I'm just SO over them. 

I got these cute as tiny paper cups from eBay, and made up three bags of popcorn. Everyone enjoyed snacking on it all day!

I took this pic of the table before the hot food came out {home made chicken nuggets and cheerios}. Tim made the watermelon pirate ship fruit salad, his mum made the cob loaf which was SO AMAZING. Mum made the veggie sticks with avocado and garlic dip {the little Monster's favourite}.

The best photo of four out out of the 9 kids that were there? I can't even remember how many there were. The two on the right of the photo are the Monster's friends we see all the time, Little Genius and Bruce Wayne Jnr {not their real names obviously}. The little dude in the blue shirt came all the way from Brisbane with his mama for the party, which was fun!

We made pirate head handprint art! Little Genius WOULD NOT have a bar of it, but his baby sister Bug would, her handprint was tiny. It was really fun to paint the kid's hands, some of them were really into it and others were just staring at me like "WHUT are you doing?"

They got to take their art home. On the back was the date and that it was Vince's Pirate Party.

My sister Betty {blue} + I {red}
As usual my dad goes above and beyond!

I quickly made this flyer up the morning of the party to stick it to things, That's the little Monster doing his pirate impersonation and saying YARGH. Cute.

It was a really great, but exhausting party. I can't wait to throw another kids party soon!

You can check out the Pirate Party Pinterest board I made of all my inspirations here!

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  1. super cute! love the bandanna

  2. Cutest party ever! I love how you put so much effort into your little monster having a good time.

  3. this is an adorable idea! I love all your ideas for the snacks and loot bags. CUTE CUTE CUTE! You are so creative

    Check out my blog at www.sweetsurrenderart.com
    See you there!

  4. Oh my gosh what a fun looking party! I wish I lived closer so I could come, too!

    I know you don't celebrate b-days, but I think you've inspired me to also hold a non-birthday party. My son is a winter baby, which makes for boring indoors events. I think I'll have a bubble party this summer for the neighborhood kids!

  5. So cute! Great job on all the decorations. I love love love them all!


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