Superhero Comic Art Tutorial

By ari - January 07, 2012

Oh yeh, I'm still framing comic book panels!

Tim and I made more art!

We chose five of our favourite heroes... and Superman {mainly because I like Superboy}. There is Aquaman, Batman, Nightwing, The Flash, Superman and Green Lantern.

Each symbol is made from a panel of the hero's comic. I wish I had have chosen a brighter picture for Supes, but oh well!

We bought a massive frame for about $12 at Crazy Whatever they name it now {seriously it changes every year AmIRight?} I think it's called... Sam's Warehouse now? I don't even know.

We pulled the backing board out of it, here's the frame with the glass.

I scanned a tonne of my comic books and printed them out in black and white. Then Tim and I cut the excess off so we just had the panels.

We glued the comic panels straight onto the backing board. This by itself actually looked really good!

Instead of scanning in my comics, I found some preview panels of my favourite series without the wording on them. I chose 6 heroes and printed out a page for each. Then I made some stencils from baking paper and got the symbols of my heroes.

I traced around each symbol on the pages I'd printed, then cut them out.

Meanwhile time cut out six squares from black card and glued them over the black and white comic book pages we had already glued down.

That's Tim's favourite spot just up there, the one of Catwoman's butt.

Then we glued the superhero symbols made out of superheroes to the black squares, one hero per square.

Aquaman, Batman, Nightwing, The Flash, Superman and Green Lantern.

Then we let it dry, popped the board back into the picture frame and hung it! Everyone LOVES it when they see it, I love it too.

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  1. ahhhh, my son would love this for his room! he is on a comic book kick lately! I am gonna show him this!

    Come visit my blog :
    See you there!

  2. SO. EFFING. COOL. I will have to try this when we have our own place again.


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