Tutorial: Faux Henley Tee

By ari - January 21, 2012

I have a stack of tees I need to reconstruct and resize for my little Monster, shirts I've bought from the op-shop or shirts that Tim doesn't wear. I really need to get cracking on them because he's so tall and skinny shop-bought things don't fit him so good anymore, not to mention I'm trying really hard to have most of his wardrobe handmade. Instead of just straight resizes, I decided to mix things up a little.

I made this Superman tee first, from one of Tim's shirts. I loved how it worked out so I made another.

This Blink 182 one.

And then I decided I would make another and make a tutorial for you!

I'd never really heard of 'Henley' style tees until I started blogging. I guess it's an American thing? I always thought of them as collar-less polo shirts, or undershirts that looked awesome as regular shirts. Haha.

Download the pdf here! If you make one, please add it to the Flickr pool!

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  1. Oh man, I love Henley tees. Ya know, I love buying them for my son, but I've not made him one. This is totes on my to-do list!

  2. Adorable! Love the Superman one!

  3. I had never heard of Henley style t-shirts till I read this. I love all the versions you've created. Thanks for sharing the pattern!!! I've pinned this. I know 3 adults who would just love that Superman t-shirt.

  4. I LOVE it! I am going to feature it on my blog:

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