New Facebook Page and an upcoming GIVEAWAY

By ari - February 03, 2012

Oh yeh! I decided that I needed a new Facebook page since I've outgrown the 'Queen of the Trailer Park' name which my old page was named {its difficult to change names on pages}. So I made a new one!

It's called Max California. Oh my original! And you can find it by clicking the facebook button on the side bar here, or just by clicking this link.

And now for the REAL reason you're sussing out this post! I'm going to host my first ever giveaway! I don't want to gain followers or 'likers' on facebook to just have a number, because I know by my website stats I reach FAR more than the people that comment or bother to hit 'follow'. Seriously though I LOVE COMMENTS. Reading comments or emails from you lovely folk really brightens my day!

Anyway back to business, I would rather inspire people and show people how easy it is to make something if you really try and not give up {practice practice practice!}, so I feel a bit hypocritical for saying that once my Facebook fan page hits 100 likes I'll be launching a give away for one of my past t-shirt surgeries!

Do you remember this dress? I made it and wore it once to the premiere of Green Lantern {so like 2 hours?}! It's made from a Green Lantern tee and this really awesome feeling black stretch fabric {like a velvet feeling but not so weird}.

Yes it is quite MINI for a minidress, and you may feel more comfortable wearing leggings under it, or just wearing it as a tee with jeans or shorts. Anyway, YOU CAN OWN THIS! Or you can win this for someone you think would like to own it!

I'll be doing a proper post with better photos and measurements of the dress as well as terms and conditions for the giveaway later on once the fanpage hits 100 likers. So what are you waiting for my little nerdlet? Git to facebook!

{Fun Fact: Since I live in Australia and I get SO FRUSTRATED by blog's giveaways being US only, this thing is going to be GLOBAL. Yeh. I'm going to post this wherever you live baby because that's how much I want you to own it!}

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  1. Love that dress! It's so cute!

    And I love you! <3 Keep up the great blogging. I'm working on a new tutorial this weekend. Can't wait to post it!

  2. I have a friend that would die for that dress. Fingers crossed I can win it for her!

  3. look at your face!!!! xxxxxxxx (insert monkey covering mouth!)


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