Star Wars Roundup

By ari - February 07, 2012

I'm rounding up all my Star Wars tutorials in this one neat little post. You know why? Because Wednesday night at midnight Tim and I are going to see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D at the cinema! I'm SO excited, even though I'm not a massive fan of the first Episode, just because I'm getting the chance to see it in the cinemas!

We're taking Monster with us on Saturday for the special kids screening of it. I still need to make him a little Anakin costume, but I finished his Jedi robe the other night.

Star Wars dress tutorial
Stormtrooper minidress tutorial
Darth Vader ruffled mini skirt tutorial
Lego Lightsaber Necklace tutorial
Smooth Trooper off-the-shoulder tee tutorial
Bleached Out Slogan tee tutorial
And this is what I'm wearing Wednesday night!

Jedi Minidress tutorial
You can read all Star Wars posts I've made and other people's projects I have found by checking out the Star Wars tag. Have you done any Star Wars crafts I haven't seen? WHY AREN'T YOU SHOWING ME? Leave links below!

May the Force be with you!

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  1. Think we might be going to a 3D viewing too :)
    Did you ever do a tutorial for the robe to go with the jedi minidress? I love the whole outfit!
    Helen x

  2. I love the off the shoulder tee. Can't wait to try that out.

    I made a Yoda robe for a friends son a few years ago. That's about it for the Star Wars stuff.

  3. I love your Star Wars stuff! The Jedi minidress is my favorite. I'm still waiting on the robe tutorial you promised to go with it! :)


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