Blue Tartan Baby Boots

By ari - March 08, 2012

I had these cuties cut out and semi-made for some time, when I wasn't sure if I was having a boy or a girl. I finished them last weekend and am SO impressed with them!

The pattern was clear and easy to follow, I only had to unpick once because I didn't read what I was supposed to be doing.

These boots are tiny, they both fit in the palm of my hand {I need to start taking more comparison shots with these clothes so you can see how cute and little they are!}. I made them from blue tartan flannelette and lined them with stiff black felt. They're interfaced too, so next time I might just use a fleece or regular fabric for the lining.

You know what I'm having fun doing? Sewing buttons on with my machine. I know I said it before but oh my goodness! It's so quick AND I know they'll be super secure!

The pattern is the Baby 3-Button boots you can buy at

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  1. Girl---I love love love that you threw your hat in the ring for project run and play!!!

    You know I love your style....and that blue mechanics suit you, still waiting for the tutorial.
    ps---Love the Wednesday Adams dress too!

  2. So tiny & cute! Love them.


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