Embellishing Baby Clothes

By ari - March 03, 2012

I feel I should apologise for the onslaught of little baby girl stuff that is upcoming. I've always prided myself in making this blog mostly all about my boy and stuff for him, since boy stuff isn't as easy to make rad stuff as girl stuff.

Seriously though, I have to share with you my girl DIYs!

I went op-shopping the other weekend and bought a whole pile of tiny plain shirts and onesies. I knew I was going to embellish them, so let me show you what I did today!

Most of these basics I scored for 50c-$1 each, and all the embellishments I had on hand. This little red onesie I just handstitched a big white satin bow onto the front.

I machine-stitched a cool black lace cameo I bought from a craft show years and years ago for $3 onto the front of this plain pink tee. Then I stitched a tiny black satin ribbon bow.


I made a little bow from some scrap of black and white polka dot fabric and hand stitched it to the shoulder of this tee.

I want to make another one for her hair/headband. Will she have hair? Is she going to be bald? So excited to find out! Will it be blonde like her big brother's? {omg that is so cute to say} or will she be dark like her mama?

Using freezer paper, I stencilled her name onto this onesie. So simple but I love it.

I found this silhouette of a bunny cameo while googling, and it led me to DeviantArt. I'm a bit disappointed that the stencil bled a little, but it still looks cool. I'm going to put a tiny satin ribbon bow on the bunny somewhere.

What do you think? Such simple stuff but overall I LOVE all the cute new stuff for her!

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  1. This stuff is all gorgeous! I'm super excited that you're having a girl, because now I'll be able to learn some stuff about making girl baby clothes from you too, lol. Here's hoping it won't be FOREVER before I get to make some myself, haha.

    1. I hope you get knocked up soon Stacey ;)

  2. SO cute! I don't think it's hard for girl stuff, because cute things are everywhere, and it's easy to make cute things rad. Also, I think that little bunny needs a pink bow at the bottom of her ears.

    Are you having heartburn? Supposedly it's a very true wives tail that the more heartburn you have, the more hair your baby will be born with.

  3. Pretty! I like it a lot. I´m going to have a girl too and I was searching something to do for her, but I was needing inspiration hehehe. Thanks for yours ideas!! xD

  4. LOVE! also the name you chose for her I'm loving too :D

  5. That's such a cute name! All these embellished girls things are adorable :)

  6. Edison? Seriously, I die. I think that name for a girl is both beautiful and perfect. Can't wait to see more goodies you make for her.

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