Frankenstructed Sweater

By ari - March 26, 2012

I've seen this a few places now and seriously? Easiest kids sweater to make EVER!

I went to the op-shop and got two sweaters of similar weight. The black one was a bit heavier than the red but it worked out okay. If I did this again I would have made sure they had similar hems, the red one had hems but the black one had ribbing, would have skipped more corners if they were more alike!

I cut half a front, half a back and one sleeve out of the red and then did the reverse for the black. Then I stitched the fronts together, the backs together and then sewed the sweater up like a regular tee-shirt.

Monster has gotten more solid since I sewed for him last. His skinny little chest is getting more stocky and although this sweater fits him, I don't think he'd be comfortable in it for long.

And here's the Inspiration!

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  1. Hello! A long time ago you said you would give Pinterest invites and I'm wondering if that's still an offer? If so I'd love one!
    Also, I know there's no way this isn't going to sound like a suck-up for an invite (but it isn't meant to be), but I've been a long-time lurker and really love all your posts, especially Try This Thursdays.
    Thanks and have a great day! :)

  2. Very cute! I think I might have to make something like this for myself!

  3. This is a project I look at and think, dang...why didn't I think of that? Love it.

  4. My son has been asking for this for months! Thanks for sharing. I have to get to the sewing machine!


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