Selfish Sewing: Retro Maternity Top

By ari - March 25, 2012

Can I just say I despise this top? I gave up on it after sewing one sleeve on but then I went back to it and pushed through my anger toward this thing. It didn't turn out So bad!

In case you're wondering I am 24 weeks :)
I winged the whole thing, deciding to make myself a cute top out of non-stretch fabric. That's all very well and good but I'm pregnant, so non-stretch isn't going to work in my favour. I used this red fabric with black stripes on it - for no other reason than it was the most fabric I had in my stash in the colours I would actually wear.

I almost made it up in floral. But seriously, I would have looked like a couch!

I didn't use a pattern and I dearly paid for it, but it turned out alright. I would like this top on me more if I wasn't pregnant and my breasts didn't look like I was about to have rockmelons exploding out of my chest. I believe non-Australians called them cantaloupes...

'Scuse me Max... is that an attempt at a smile?
I was going to put a side zipper in but I don't think that would have helped me get it over my chest much {my body is growing. and growing. and growing...} so a zipper down the back was the answer.

To help with a little bit of fitting to the top, I added pintucks at the centre front so it is smaller at the top than it is at the bottom.

Believe it or not this was the inspiration...

Yehh. In all my dreams this gorgeous non-pregnant model in plaid was really going to work for me...

I'm entering this top into Rae's Spring Top Challenge!

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  1. I actually quite like this top! I agree though, I don't think it would have suited you as much in floral. I like the way you took your inspiration, and made it preggo-friendly!

  2. Looks awesome! I like it!

  3. It's actually quite nice. The vertical stripes are very slimming, and the color suits you well. Post pregnancy, I can see this being a very attractive top for events, paired with a pencil skirt or skinny jeans. Although I admit, using non-stretch material might limit your use of it now. Ahh, I remember late pregnancy proportions.

  4. This top is AMAZING! I totally feel you on the boob busting chest, I stopped wearing button downs for that reason! Hopefully you'll still be able to get lots of use after baby is born!

  5. That's a pretty awesome 'wing it'. Hopefully you some use out of it before your belly bean or melons grow more!!

    Xo Steph

  6. That is a cute top!

    ha ha Rock Melons sound way more hardcore than Cantaloupes.

  7. oh gosh i love it!!! I think it looks fantastic, and definitely has a real retro feel to it. Super job hun!!!


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