Toddler Backpack

By ari - March 10, 2012

Little Monster started Daycare a few weeks ago. It's not that he needs to go, its a number of things that we thought would be good for him. He gets to play with other kids, it's a family daycare so it's a lady's house and not in a big centre, and the best part is he knows the lady that runs it. It's his BFF's grandma!

I was excited for him, I do get lonely, but he only goes one day a week and I know it's good for him. I decided he needed a backpack, and I'd had this backpack pattern for AGES - like a year!- and had never made it up! Well. I did it.

The pattern is the Toddler Backpack pattern made by Rae! It's only $8 and let me tell you it's REALLY well written. This is the third pattern of Rae's I've used and I really love the way she writes, the step-by-step photos and the flawless pattern pieces!

It was my first time making + using piping too. I'm addicted.

I used this cute space-themed fabric from Spotlight, since I he loves space.

The straps and base are padded, it has adjustable straps... everything about it is like a REAL backpack! And I MADE IT. With help from Rae :)

I made his jacket and t-shirt too, for Project Run and Play's Signature Look theme with their sew-along, but unfortunately I couldn't enter due to some really crappy family stuff. Still, Monster got a new jacket, a new shirt and the cutest damn skinnies ever {more on all that another day}

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  1. He looks like he LOVES it! Great job with that! I will be making the same for Travis soon, he picked out airport fabric. He started going to preschool 2 mornings a week for the social interaction and just loves it!

  2. He looks so happy! Totally adorable! I love the space fabric that you used for his backpack - and you're right, it looks like a REAL backpack.


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