The Ugly Shirt

By ari - March 27, 2012

This just got uglier and uglier the more I stitched it. And then I fell in love with it, hard!

I used some strange stretch fabric I was saving for a different project but decided I needed something soon for my ever-expanding belly/boobs. It's slightly sheer, but you can't tell when it's on. The fabric stretches and has this rough bumps of white over it. I think I used the wrong side as the outside, but I liked it better.

I cut slits into the front and wove strips of grey fleece fabric through it in a basket-weave sort of thing. Then I stitched a heart around the weaving and trimmed around the top but snipped up the bottom of the heart to make a fringe.

It's so ridiculous I love it.

And it's so dang comfortable.

It even has a cute back. I actually took photos for a tutorial for this hideous thing, do you want it?

Entering this top into Rae's Springt Top Sewalong too!

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  1. Oh, man, what a great shirt! It screams for a mini skirt and some boots!

  2. tutorial pleaseee! :] it looks awesome!

  3. I want the tutorial! I'm not preggers but I'd wear it just 'cause. X)

  4. Yes, I totally do want the tutorial! XD I love this ugly thing, lol.


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