Sunday, 29 April 2012

Superman T-Shirt

There never was any doubt my child was going to love all things nerdy, not with a mum like me! He is very much into superheroes, his favourite being Superman because Superman is big and strong {just like Monster when he eats all his dinner!}

His Superman hoodie I made him a little while ago is too small, so I told him I would make him a new t-shirt {I also ended up making a new Superman hoodie too}. He loves his new shirt so much he wore it for two days and slept in it for two nights before my best friend Sophie and I had to wrestle it off him so we could put a clean shirt on!

I salvaged every skerrick of scrap fabric I had to make this shirt! The blue is from a shirt I bought my dad a while ago from the op shop and he said I could use it for the Monster, the red is from another tee and the yellow is from my stash. Using my Superman logo pattern I cut out the S from red fabric and the shield from yellow, stitching it all together! It's tedious but I'm a pro at it now :P

I'm trying to make the perfect t-shirt pattern for Monster, but I always have problems with the neck. It's either too big or too small. One day I'll get there!

It has a cape attached to the back which he loves! The cape is sewn into the shoulder seams and the back neckband.

Here's a video Tim took of when I gave the shirt to Monster 


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Garter Skirt Ver. II

Hi guys! Yesterday I guest posted over at my girl Stacey's blog, Miss Peregrin's Secrets! I wrote a tutorial on how to make this cute skirt!

Click and check it out, but check her blog out too!


Thursday, 26 April 2012

Kids Clothing Week - Day Three: Pandas!

Not to be disheartened by my overlocker's temporary death, I forged on! I finished the jeans that caused the problem, and finished the seams the old-fashioned way - zigzagging the seam allowances. Yesterday Vince wore the jeans I made as well as a shirt of Tim's that I resized. Unfortunately the shirt is now dirty and the jeans  got left at my inlaw's after a toilet accident - so no photos of those until they are clean!

I'm going to start with the cutest thing in the world first! My BFF Sophie has jumped on board KCWC too, even though she doesn't have a blog. This makes me excited because she has only just learned to sew, and she's sitting in her house sewing independently and working it all out! I'm so so insanely proud of her, and hopefully she'll let me share the beautiful photos she's taken of the things she has been making!

Tuesday she made a beautiful little dress for her daughter, and last night I had an idea for a Panda dress, but needed a pattern. I stumbled upon Smashed Peas and CarrotsCrossover Pinafore which has a free pattern and tutorial and realised that it would work perfectly for what I wanted!

Altering it a little I made the pinafore into a panda dress! I really love the cross over back.

It's for size 6-12 months, which is perfect because I have forbidden myself from making any more teeny tiny new clothes. I spent the entire day yesterday working in Edison's room to get it ready for her, and I filled her chest of drawers up FULL - and it's only newborn stuff. So she'll fit that stuff for three weeks max...



Please hold me to that.

I also made her this Panda Hoodie!

It's like one I made Vince when he was a bub. The photos below are of him when he was about 7 months old in his panda hoodie!

Damn he was cute!

The one I made Edison is about a size 0, so smaller than the one Vince was wearing. It has snaps instead of a zipper too because I don't have ANY seperating zippers in my stash.

I have a few more Panda things planned, I don't even LOVE pandas especially, they're just cute to make up for little kids. I'm going to make a panda diaper cover like this one that I made Vince when he was a fat baby, a panda beanie and maybe some panda leggings. It's black and white and it's cute and easy.

I saw these shorts by Jessie and James and I wondered if I could replicate them. They seemed to be simple and comfortable, and I liked the different take on the standard shorts pattern {ie curved crotch seams}.

So using some scrap fabrics I thought I'd give it a go. They came together pretty easily and I'm going to make a pattern so I can make more. Still haven't tried them on the Monster just yet, since he is anti-modelling right now and it's FREEZING today {I'm wearing two pairs of leggings...}.

When I first got freezer paper to start stencilling, I stencilled two of these Sad Keanus. I never actually cut them out into t-shirts, just had the two stencils done on the fabric. Yesterday I finally got around to making one of them up into a shirt! I love it!

The Sad Keanu meme is explained here if you've never seen it before. I think I may have almost perfected my t-shirt pattern! We'll see. The neckline looks better than other versions I've done, but I don't want it too small.

You can download the Sad Keanu stencil I made on my Stencils &Templates page! A really interesting thing I learned is that you can reuse your freezer paper stencils! I used the same stencil twice, and I'm going to experiment just how many times you can use the same stencil!

I also cut up some sweaters and made these on Monday but never got around to taking photos of them. I used a lilac sweater my mum donated to my 'cutting up things and making new things out of them' addiction. The sleeves became the legs of these cute little leggings and the hem of the sweater became the hem on the beanie.

The darker purple ones were also made from a sweater. The hem of the sweater became the hem on the leggings, the button placket was a feature at the bottom of the sweater so I used it up the leg. I love how they turned out. Nice and stretchy and warm. The dark purple ones have a matching beanie too but it's currently AWOL. I'm going to make some flowers or bows out of the scraps and fasten them to the beanies. I made a Pinterest board especially for collecting bow + flower tutorials!

Annnnnd that's all for now! Heading down to the sewing room now to draft some patterns. Not sure if I'll get any actual sewing done. On my to do list is A LOT of stuff depending on what I feel like, but some have priorities over others!

For Vince

  • Sweatpants {it's getting COLD and he has LONG legs}
  • Leggings {I really want to make some sarouel pants like Sophie at Cirque Du Bebe made!}
  • Jeans 
  • Button-up shirts
  • Military Jacket
  • Smoking Jacket
  • Fingerless gloves
  • A suit
  • Baseball {raglan} tees
  • Jocks
  • Horror Hoodie
For Edison

I linked this post up to The Train To Crazy's 'Make It Wear It' series!


Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tutorial: Toddler Slouch Beanie

This doesn't have to be JUST for toddlers, you can make these in a larger scale for yourself! Here's a tutorial for the slouch beanies I made here.

Download the pattern here and here. There are two files for the time being, I'm on my parent's computer, so I can't edit them much or put them in one handy file. Print the two pages out, matching the stars up. You will also need to cut out a rectangle of paper measuring 20cm x 10cm {8" x 4"}. This extra piece of paper is the band.

This fits my kid's head who is a pretty damn good-looking three year old. Yes, his appearance has everything to do with the size of his head ^_^. Instructions under the cut...


Kids Clothing Week - Day Two - I broke my overlocker

EDIT: Tutorial + Pattern for the slouch beanie is now here!

Yeppppp. What the title says! Lucky I still have a sewing machine but it really broke my heart. I totally and utterly killed my overlocker. I think I'm going to have to get it serviced. It was my own fault, trying to resize a pair of jeans for Vince that were turning out REALLY CUTE and looked so good. And it was just too thick for my poor machine to finish the seam.

I wanted to cry. I very nearly did. I only JUST fixed my overlocker myself on Sunday night in time for KCWC and two days in I go and murder the poor thing.


I did get two slouch beanies done though. Not an epic accomplishment like yesterday, but at least this evening I can cut out patterns and see what I can do. My mum has the same overlocker as me and she lives right behind me so perhaps if I'm very good and ask very nicely?

Hint Hint: Mum are you reading this?

Anywho, before I slaughtered my poor Elna, I managed to write a tutorial for a toddler slouch beanie! It's super easy and all you need is an old sweater or a t-shirt. Make sure it's stretchy!

I have a pattern for it, and if you like I can scan it in for you to download + print? Let me know.

I'll post the tute up later tonight.

EDIT: Tutorial + Pattern for the slouch beanie is now here!

So I cut up two sweaters and made Vince slouch beanies. They were so easy! The jeans he is wearing in these photos are the ones I made him yesterday.

This photo cracked me up, like he was going really fast on his 'motorbike'

I asked for his Superman Stern Face. I got this. Hahah.

I still need to take photos of the leggings  I made Edison yesterday! Maybe tomorrow when I'm not so disappointed in myself for breaking my overlocker!


Kids Clothing Week - Day One: Winter Pjs

First day of the Kids Clothing Week Challenge went really well! I even left the house and took the little Monster to the library for Rhyme Time! #MummyPoints

I woke up pretty early to get started, not intentionally, but after Monster woke me at 4.30am I couldn't get back to sleep. I sat at 6am on the loungeroom floor cutting out fabric and freezer paper stencils.

Day One's list included three pairs of pyjamas for Vincent, cutting some sweaters up to make beanies for both the kids and leggings for Edison. I also wanted to resize some jeans for Vince but decided to just cut one pair to start with and make them the perfect fit, then cut the others to match that perfect pair.

The only thing that let me down was my t-shirt pattern. I still need to tweak it to make it perfect for Vinnie, and the neckline is too big in all three pyjama shirts. The pj pants are made using Dana's kids pants pattern. They fit him perfectly, except when he goes to bed at night. He wears nappies during the night still and there's no room in those pants for his nappy booty! More tweaking needed!

Dana's pattern for the pants has lasted me for Vince for over a year now. He's tall and lanky and I just love the width in the legs. Just need to make room for the junk in his trunk when I use it for pyjama pants.

Pretending to sleep...

The first set of pjs turned out really well. The neckline is a tad too gapey but compared to the other two pj shirts it looks awesome {I'm really disappointed in myself with the shirts}. I got the space invader flannelette from Spotlight. I got half a metre of each flannelette, not realising that my son's legs are longer than half a metre! The Space Invaders go horizontally across the front, but vertically down the back. No biggie. It's a 'design element'.

I freehanded a space invader onto some freezer paper and made a stencil for the shirt. The cuffs are blue leftovers from a Superman tee I made the kid a fortnight ago {which I'll blog about after KCWC}.

The next pyjama set is made using this cute snowboarding flanno. I chose it because suddenly Vince likes skateboards, even though I don't know where we got it from. We have a few skateboards but Tim and I don't skate anymore! Anyway snowboards are the next best thing.

I freehanded a larger version of one of the snowboarder silhouettes and made it into a freezer paper stencil for the shirt. I like how THAT turned out. I lazily made this shirt raglan sleeved, but really didn't think about what I was doing. The neckline in this shirt is WAY too big. I'm pretty sure I can fix it and make it like a boat-neck, we'll see! The cuffs on the shirt are black, and the pants have black cuffs too.

Last pj set I did was from this cuuuuuuute vespa flannelette. The fabric is like a mushroom colour with black scooters over it. Vince loves scooters! 

The shirt is black with a fold-over neckband, which made it look like a loose skivvy or a tiny cowl-neck. Blergh. Still, he's only going to sleep in it. I made a quick V appliqué for his name, although it could stand for Vespa too. Heh. The scooter pyjama pants have the same black cuffs as the snowboarding set.

I didn't get photos of the leggings and beanie yet for Edison, but it was a quick last minute thing I sewed up last night. 

I resized a pair of jeans into some jeans for Vince, they turned out really well for his height. All of a sudden I constantly have to alter my patterns for him to get them to fit! The crotch is a bit low in these jeans, but they fit him well and he loves them.

I managed to sew up all I had on my list for the day that I wanted to get done, but I'm a little disappointed in those two pyjama shirts. I really need to work on the t-shirt pattern I've made. I've been trying to get the perfect fit tee for Monster, but the neckline is always either too big or too small. Onwards! Maybe I'll have it perfected by the end of this week?

Honestly trying to get photos of my Monster in the clothes I make him is nearly impossible these days! He doesn't stand still for more than a second!