Kids Clothing Week Challenge 2012

By ari - April 22, 2012

October last year was the Kids Clothing Week Challenge, and now tomorrow heralds the arrival of another one!

Check out Elsie Marley for details, but basically you spend the week sewing for your kid. Put aside at least an hour for sewing, whether you get one thing done all week or twenty, it totally counts.

Here's some things I made last year as part of the challenge!

Robin Tee
Strong Man Singlet

Le Shirt

Dragon Slippers
Batman Urban Hoodie
This year I'm sewing for a little girl as well! I'm planning loads of winter things for her, and basic things for him that will actually fit {he's getting so big and solid!}

You can check out my Pinspiration boards for kids clothes over on my Pinterest. I have a few.
I have two guest posts I promised two of my friends that I need to get my butt into gear to do as well, so hopefully I will be a sewing machine {ha} this week and Tim won't care that the house is a mess and the child is naked and outside foraging for food.

I'm super excited to see what Sophie at Cirque Du Bebe churns out!

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  1. Whoa you went great guns last year. Amazing! I'll be keeping an eye out for your cool boy stuff in the pool!

  2. Really a beautiful pics such a cute boy and his stuff are really cool.

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