Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Kids Clothing Week - Day Two - I broke my overlocker

EDIT: Tutorial + Pattern for the slouch beanie is now here!

Yeppppp. What the title says! Lucky I still have a sewing machine but it really broke my heart. I totally and utterly killed my overlocker. I think I'm going to have to get it serviced. It was my own fault, trying to resize a pair of jeans for Vince that were turning out REALLY CUTE and looked so good. And it was just too thick for my poor machine to finish the seam.

I wanted to cry. I very nearly did. I only JUST fixed my overlocker myself on Sunday night in time for KCWC and two days in I go and murder the poor thing.


I did get two slouch beanies done though. Not an epic accomplishment like yesterday, but at least this evening I can cut out patterns and see what I can do. My mum has the same overlocker as me and she lives right behind me so perhaps if I'm very good and ask very nicely?

Hint Hint: Mum are you reading this?

Anywho, before I slaughtered my poor Elna, I managed to write a tutorial for a toddler slouch beanie! It's super easy and all you need is an old sweater or a t-shirt. Make sure it's stretchy!

I have a pattern for it, and if you like I can scan it in for you to download + print? Let me know.

I'll post the tute up later tonight.

EDIT: Tutorial + Pattern for the slouch beanie is now here!

So I cut up two sweaters and made Vince slouch beanies. They were so easy! The jeans he is wearing in these photos are the ones I made him yesterday.

This photo cracked me up, like he was going really fast on his 'motorbike'

I asked for his Superman Stern Face. I got this. Hahah.

I still need to take photos of the leggings  I made Edison yesterday! Maybe tomorrow when I'm not so disappointed in myself for breaking my overlocker!


  1. Oh Max that's so sad about Elna! But so happy for this cute as pie little beanie. I am definitely interested, what a neat idea!

    1. I'm about to go get my mum's! I know I can sew without an overlocker, but I want it. ahha.

  2. Thanks so much for the pattern! I love how these turned out. Off to oohhh and aaahh a those adorable jeans ...

  3. The bonnet looks like Jack Ass inspired. Your kids looks cute on those jeans and bonnet.
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  4. Can I get pattern!? baby__10@hotmail.com

  5. you can get it right here! http://www.max-california.com/2012/04/tutorial-toddler-slouch-beanie.html


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