Superman T-Shirt

By ari - April 29, 2012

There never was any doubt my child was going to love all things nerdy, not with a mum like me! He is very much into superheroes, his favourite being Superman because Superman is big and strong {just like Monster when he eats all his dinner!}

His Superman hoodie I made him a little while ago is too small, so I told him I would make him a new t-shirt {I also ended up making a new Superman hoodie too}. He loves his new shirt so much he wore it for two days and slept in it for two nights before my best friend Sophie and I had to wrestle it off him so we could put a clean shirt on!

I salvaged every skerrick of scrap fabric I had to make this shirt! The blue is from a shirt I bought my dad a while ago from the op shop and he said I could use it for the Monster, the red is from another tee and the yellow is from my stash. Using my Superman logo pattern I cut out the S from red fabric and the shield from yellow, stitching it all together! It's tedious but I'm a pro at it now :P

I'm trying to make the perfect t-shirt pattern for Monster, but I always have problems with the neck. It's either too big or too small. One day I'll get there!

It has a cape attached to the back which he loves! The cape is sewn into the shoulder seams and the back neckband.

Here's a video Tim took of when I gave the shirt to Monster 

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  1. That's geat! I can tell he's really feeling it, and is completely in character! Totally worth all the trouble, :)

  2. That is the most adorable thing ever. I also love his little voice. It sounds like my son, only with an aussie accent!

  3. Oh that video is so stinkin' cute.

  4. Aww, I love that little video. It's so cute that he appreciates what you make him!

  5. Awww! How sweet was his reaction! He's so cute!

  6. Nawwww that's adorable! Love his reaction. So cute!


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