Tutorial: Toddler Slouch Beanie

By ari - April 24, 2012

This doesn't have to be JUST for toddlers, you can make these in a larger scale for yourself! Here's a tutorial for the slouch beanies I made here.

Download the pattern here and here. There are two files for the time being, I'm on my parent's computer, so I can't edit them much or put them in one handy file. Print the two pages out, matching the stars up. You will also need to cut out a rectangle of paper measuring 20cm x 10cm {8" x 4"}. This extra piece of paper is the band.

This fits my kid's head who is a pretty damn good-looking three year old. Yes, his appearance has everything to do with the size of his head ^_^. Instructions under the cut...

I used an old sweater, make sure it stretches pretty well. You can also use old t-shirts!

Cut out the pattern pieces - you will need two of the main {a front and a back} and one of the band.

If you are going to embellish your beanie in any way, do it now. I cut out the little skull and crossbones symbol that was on the sweater and stitched it on like a little patch.

Place the front over the back, right sides together! Stitch and overlock/serge.

Fold the band in half and stitch the short sides together {mine has two lines of stitching because I didn't have enough for one long continuous piece for the band}

Fold the band in half.

Pin it around the raw edge of the beanie so all the raw edges are together, the folded part of the band should point toward the top of the beanie.

Stitch and overlock/serge.

And you're done!

Slouch beanies are worn back a bit from the forehead, with a bit of hair showing at the front. The excess at the back is pulled down. I tuck the end into the bottom folds of the beanie, it comes untucked quickly but it holds its shape.

You could also make the beanie without the band, by using the existing hem of the sweater!

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  1. My son wants to know what sort of lego fellow he is carrying there.

    Also, this is awesome and simple. I think I'll make a few this weekend.

    1. It's a Mandalorian from one of the Star Wars sets - minus his helmet ^_^

  2. cute idea! this will be good to use on all my old sweaters for the kiddos, they are always losing them and I hate buying new ones!

  3. Thanks, I am definitely trying this out, they are such cute beanies. I broke the blade on my overlocker a month ago (yeah, they don't like pins) and couldn't use it for a week. I was so disappointed, that's lucky you can borrow your Mom's. I hope yours can be fixed too.

  4. Fabulous refashion!!! I would never have thought of making a beanie from a sweater or t-shirts. A simple idea which looks great!!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial...

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. Your son looks adorable and I love the beanie!

  6. I cant get the pattern to print :( Do you know the dimensions, maybe i can draw it out

  7. I cant get the pattern to print for some reason. Do you know the dimensions?

  8. hi! wondering what that red stitch going down the beanie is. kind of confused me lol thanks

    1. hi! it's just a stitch from the original jumper i was using!!


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