Megan Nielsen: Ruched Maternity Skirt

By ari - May 23, 2012

I absolutely LOVE this skirt!

I've come to the conclusion that I am far too pregnant to be wearing just over-sized tees and leggings. The waistband on leggings and jeans cut right into my abdomen even though I fit them still!

I made this skirt with the Ruched Maternity Skirt pattern from Megan Nielsen. It was a Beginner rating, which is so spot on because I whipped this baby up in about 15 minutes if that! I made it about 10 inches shorter than the pattern has room for {it is supposed to hit you on the knee} because apparently I'm a massive fan of mini skirts.

My hips were a size S in the pattern, and I wasn't sure how well my 33 week stomach was going to fit, but I took a gamble and went with the size S anyway. It fits perfectly, as you can see!

The fabric I used was stuff I scored at St Vinnie's for like a buck. It's this cute maroon plaid stretch fabric. The tag said Lycra but it's not like swimsuit lycra where it's slinky and slidy and smooth, it has quite a rough texture on the printed side. I knew it would work well because it stretches four way.

I didn't put elastic in the top like the pattern instructed, because I was worried about it not even fitting me. Since it stretches so well, it turns out I didn't need the elastic anyway.

Excuse the snarl. I swear I was totally smiling :/
This skirt also works with the shirt untucked over it, just looks like an adorable plaid mini, with all the comfort of a maternity skirt! Hurray!

I am so in love with this pattern. It was so dang easy, I love the ruching in the sides, the way it covers my belly comfortably and the shaping of it. It's quite flattering and I can't wait to whip up some more. I'm thinking a maxi skirt! I need to have a look at my stretch fabric stash, because it is quite pitiful at the moment, but I think I'll find something to work with, I always do!

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  1. What a find! I love thrift store fabric bargains. Cute as pie skirt on you too!

  2. Cute!! This is one I have not tried, mostly because I couldn't rationalize buying that many patterns, but also because I can be a little weird about tight things on my belly while pregnant and I wasn't sure this would work for me. But it is so adorable on you! I love the mini length! I can't wait to see it in a maxi length! Well done!

  3. No doubt she is expecting but i had not seen such a belly of women usually

  4. Unexpected and unseen belly i had ever seen


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