By ari - May 22, 2012

I don't suppose you know how difficult it is to make yourself something when you're pregnant? Take it from me, the very very very very DIY girl. I learned pattern drafting in fashion school, but I did not learn how to take a pregnant belly into account. So apart from over-sized t-shirts and leggings, my maternity wardrobe is not very... maternity-ish!

I could go and buy stuff at the shops, but it's just not me! Why sacrifice my style for something just because I don't fit into anything else? I made that mistake with my first pregnancy, and after he was born I was all confused about just what WAS my style? Especially with my body shape going nuts.

Maternity fashion is sooo exxy too. T-Shirt and Leggings suit me just fine right? Well what about when my leggings get too tight around my low waist? THEN WHAT? Exactly. Last weekend I spent hours with my dad trying to find a pair of maternity jeans that were cute. I found a pair. One size too small and last season's... I didn't buy them.

A few weeks ago I gave a maternity top a whirl, made it completely from scratch - drafted the pattern everything. It was the most frustrating thing I have EVER made. Ever. Sure it LOOKS cute, but it is uncomfortable to wear and just makes me sad that everyone loves it and it's just crammed on a shelf in my room.

I've eyed her patterns for a very long time, even before I fell pregnant. My other friends were preggo so I started thinking about DIY for pregnant ladies. Let's just say Megan has the ballpark of looking good, DIYing and being pregnant totally covered!

The best part? She doesn't make JUST maternity patterns!

The even better part? With a bit of imagination it's not hard to make these patterns your own. You guys KNOW I'm not the classy, sensible, organised woman most DIY momma bloggers are like. You KNOW I'm... different. And with Megan's patterns I have some great bases to make some really REALLY cool stuff!

The next few days I'll be showing you the stuff I have made with just three patterns! In the meantime, check out her site, check out the patterns she has and check out her blog! Can't decide on a pattern? Buy the aptly named Maternity Survival Pack and you'll be so set!

PS. In case you haven't liked my facebook page yet {which you should because it's a cute little community we;re growing over there!} my awesome amazing sister Betty loaned me her sewing machine until mine get out of the shop! It's a Janome and it's a dreamboat!

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  1. Ooh, I'm excited to see what you've done! I've been sewing from Megan Nielsen's patterns during this pregnancy, and really, every one I've tried has been great! I'm a huge, huge fan of the ruched maternity tee, though. So easy, and so flattering - that's my favorite so far.

  2. have you seen ?? they offer some cool tutorials/patterns that you could make your own with whatever crazy fabric you wanted to use!

    1. Yep! Megan is the lady behind!


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