Tutorial: Garter Clip Mini Skirt

By ari - May 09, 2012

{Bringing this tutorial home from Stacey's blog!}

A few days ago I made this cute mini skirt with garter clips attached to the bottom to hold my thigh high socks up. I love mini skirts, I love stripes and I love thigh high socks! This skirt also rocks without socks, the garters are a cool feature!

Do you want to know how to make it? You're in luck! Tutorial time! It is really really easy I promise!

You're going to need:
a skirt that fits you well
stretch fabric
garter/suspender clips. I got mine on etsy
sewing supplies - scissors, thread, pins, machine etc etc etc

Here's the skirt I'm going to use to make a quick n nasty pattern out of

Fold your fabric and your skirt in half. Lie the skirt over the fabric and cut around it, making sure to leave a seam allowance all around! I folded down the waistband on the skirt because I wanted a wide separate waistband. Cut two of this for the front and the back.

For the waistband, cut the width of your skirt on the fold {so it wraps around you} and make it doubley as tall so you can fold it over.

Place the front of your new skirt face down on the back of the skirt so the right sides are together. Stitch down one side seam.

Fold your waistband piece in half lengthways

Open up your skirt and pin the waistband to the top of the skirt. The folded edge of the waistband should be  pointing down toward the bottom of the skirt.

Zigzag across the top, stretching a little as you go. If you have an overlocker, finish your seam with that, otherwise it's fine to leave it. I epicly killed my overlocker today and after trying to bring it back to life several times I'm just going to let it rest overnight. So no pretty and neat finished seams for this skirt!

Now we're onto the garter clips. Cut a scrap of fabric about 20cm long and about 4cm wide, depending on the width of your garter clip. If you fold it in half, it should be a bit bigger than the wire piece of the garter clip.

Fold this strip in half lengthways and stitch along the long side.

Turn it the right way out so you have a tube.

Slide the end of the tube through the garter clip, folding it back on itself. The raw edge of the tube should be on the BACK of the garter clip...

Pin it yo, then do the same for the other side. Stitch close to the garter clip.

Cut the tube in half so yo have two garter straps! Hurray! Oh when you're sewing, if you're doing stripes like me, try and make it so the stitching  camoflages, like in the strap at the bottom, and not through the obvious part, like the strap at the top.

Now hold the skirt up to you, find where on the hem you want to put your clips. Mine ended up being about 10-15cm either side of the centre. Mark or pin.

With your garter clips face down, pin the straps to the skirt and secure with a few stitches.

Like you did with the waistband, make a smaller band for the hem of the skirt. Mine was about 5cm high and a bit smaller than the hem length of the skirt. Stitch that onto the bottom of the skirt, making sure your garter clips lie against the skirt and aren't flipping the other way.

Now just fold your skirt in half and sew down that last sideseam!

Oh hey you're finished!

The cool part about this skirt is that if you make it a good length it can be a mini skirt.

Or a waisted skirt!

Although the waisted skirt might not look so great if you're 7 months pregnant...

Hi I'm a circus tent!
But it is an excellent maternity skirt too!

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