Vincent the Strong Man!

By ari - May 31, 2012

I will do a full recap of the Circus party later, but for now here is the costume I made my son. Originally he was to be the Ringmaster, since it was his party you know, and Tim was going to be the strong man. Tim was down with the idea for a few months until he really thought about what he would have to wear. Then he changed his mind.

So Vincent became the strong man!

The costume came together really quickly! It's all one piece.

 I used Dana's Kids Pants pattern {free} for the basic shape of the shorts, since I've made it a trillion times over and the shape of the rise really fits vin {too bad he's getting to big for the pattern now!}. The black is a t-shirt dad gave me to cut up, the hem on the shorts was the hem on the shirt. I just made the pants as high as they are in the pattern, even though I knew that I wouldn't be folding down

The top piece is just a t-shirt pattern I'm trying to tweak to get perfect {I know I've mentioned it a trillion times}. I made the armholes super low and the neckline very low too. I love the way it turned out!

Then I got Vince to try the shorts on, with the singlet and I pinned and marked it and then stitched it together.

He really liked it...
On the day of the party it was PRETTY DARN COLD up here! So he wore a hoodie for most of it, it was warm in the sun. The clown did face painting, so she did Vince up REALLY hilarious!

Check out his chest tattoo he got from my mum who was the "tattooed lady"

The Beard Family ;)

This is my dad, Vince, Me &Tim. Isn't Tim a good looking ringmaster! *swoon*

Proper Circus party post soon I promise, with LOTS of ideas!

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  1. His outfit is just so great Max. Brilliant idea and executed so so well.

  2. Everyone's costumes look amazing! Vince looks so happy as the strong man, lol.

  3. Oh my gosh, that's cute!!! Love the mustache, the shirt, the tattoo! Hilariously adorable.

  4. awesome beard faces!!! I'd love to do a carnival theme but I think Az is gearing up for a my little pony party. Your little man is so cute in his little outfit!!!!!!!

  5. Fantastic costume, I love Vince's posing for the photos. Such a fun idea for a party too.

  6. Fantastic outfit, I love Vince's posing for the photos. Such a fun idea for a party too.


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