Winter is Coming

By ari - May 29, 2012

Bahaha. We love Game of Thrones, but this post has nothing to do with it, I just thought the title was amusing and fitting.

While I was figuring out posts to schedule when I'm away having the baby, I saw some cute Spring Collections by Jessica over at Me Sew Crazy for her kids. What a darn cute idea! Suddenly I had this crazy idea that I could make some Winter Collections for my kids! It's five weeks until Edison will be here, and I already have A LOT to do but I'm going to at least try and make a bit of a dent and start some of my ideas. We'll see, maybe it'll be an after-Edison-is-born thing.

If you've seen my Winter Wardrobe board on Pinterest, the colours I'm going for myself are neutrals in grey and black, as well as a lot of layering. I know it may seem dismal and uncheerful, wearing gloomy colours in winter, but at least I'll have some nice bases to mix and match other colours with. Also I like grey and black!

By total coincidence I was trying to find fabrics in my stash that could work, I wanted the same colours so that each piece would go with each other and we could mix and match them. It's hard because in my stash I have SO many prints and weird thrifted fabrics that don't go with anything and not man solid colours. Luckily the other day I scored some awesome solid coloured knits from the op shop for a few dollars a piece. Hurray!

So the colours I had a lot of that seemed to go together was... grey! Haha.  I also have a really pretty peach tulle I'm going to use but I forgot to take a photo of that.

From the bottom to the top, here's the fabrics I'm working with:

1. A really beautiful soft and slinky grey corduroy
2. Grey floral quilt cover
3. Grey stretch denim
4. Grey jeans
5. Black and grey striped sweater
6. Scrap grey fleece {leftovers from the Ugly Shirt}
7. Slightly grey stretchknit
8. Slinky soft dark grey stretchknit. It's really soft. I love it!

Not Pictured: Peach tulle

And because I'm pretty unimaginative, all the ideas I chose to make Edison are grey originally...

1. Round Collared shirt by Zara, 2. Riding Cape by NellyStella, 3. Hooded Sweatshirt by Stella McCartney for GAP Kids; 
4.  Stephanie dress by NellyStella, 5. Braided Headband by The Tangled Knot 6. Mika shirt dress by Dagmar Daley; 
7. Jeggings tutorial by Running With Scissors, 8. Tutu by Stella McCartney for GAP Kids, 9. Tights by Delighted

and Vincent's is more tweakable and I guess leaves more to the imagination for you guys. That whale toy? I'm not actually make that toy but I'm incorporating the idea into something else.

1. Eyeball Tee{I photoshopped this}, 2. Knitted Cowl {source unknown}, 3. Zip-Mouth Whale by MaiRuRu
4. Scoodie by GlamourDamaged, 5. Toddler Blazer by Cirque Du Bebe {pattern by MellySews} 6. Toddler Slouch Beanie by Me!
7. Pants with Inseam pockets by My Growing Home 8. Resized Jeans by Me! 9. Sarouel Pants by Cirque Du Bebe

The above two collections look a little strange at the moment, but in my head and in the fabrics I have, I'm pretty sure it's going to come together well. I have a few more fabrics I need to buy to bring the collections together, but the colour scheme will stay the same.

Also the difference between the two collections, Vince's stuff is based on things I've made before, and I've been inspired by tutorials others have written. Edison's is like all designer stuff haah, but I know how to figure them out! I already have the 'Stephanie' dress by NellyStella made sans bow!

I'm actually feeling confident I can at least have the the majority of both collections made and photographed before she comes, but we'll see! I'm guest posting at the end of June and I promised I would do a pattern & tutorial for a certain item {I'm being so vague!} and that is my priority right now, but the way I've been zipping through my To-Do List lately I'm feeling motivated, inspired & confident!


Tim is picking my sewing machine up from the shop today! Yes I've been using my sister's Janome and it's been a TOTAL dream but I'm looking forward to having my beloved 'Spaceship' back on my sewing desk!

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  1. Pretty fabric! I can't wait to see how it all comes together.

  2. Hey Max! I'm a new reader to your blog, but I love this post: first, because hubs and I are a bit obsessive when it comes to Game of Thrones and second, because I am doing a fall/winter collection for my 17 month twin boys (the whole thing upcycled). So far I only have 4 shirts done, but I'm starting on pants ;op It will all be blogged about soon (maybe). So, do you mind if I sew along with you? *Also, you and I have a similar aesthetic in baby girl clothes - baby girl is 3 months old... (the tutu/hoodie combo was already in my pins!) so if I steal some of your inspiration, don't hate ;o)


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