Saturday, 30 June 2012

Tutorial: Toddler Cowl Scarf

I made this little cowl for Vincent one freezing cold day ten seconds before we had to be on the bus. It's SO simple and so easy to whip up, so I feel like cheating by making a 'tutorial' but here is one anyway!

It's a stretchy band that slips easily over Vince's head, and keeps his neck nice and warm. If I made it longer and wider I could slip it up over the back of his head like a hood. It works so much better on the little guy than a scarf, and is way cuter than a skivvy/turtleneck shirt.

First you'll need some fleece, make sure it stretches, or some stretch fabric. I think stretchknit/jersey would work really well as a more casual cowl rather than a snuggy warm one.

He looks like such a cute little alien!
Measure around your kid's head to make sure it will be able to slip over them. Vincent is 3 and has a regular sized head {I'd like to think so!} so the measurement around his head is 55cm. Add a few cms for seam allwance. The blue cowl I made measured 60cm long and about 30cm tall. Cut a rectangle out this measurement, making sure the stretch of the fabric goes ACROSS the cowl.

If you're going to decorate the cowl, do it now. I decided to add a star applique to it. You can grab the star template from the stencils page. Follow this tutorial on how to applique!

Fold the cowl in half lengthways so the short sides are matched up and sew down the seam.

Now flip it right side out and you're totally done! How easy huh!

It is almost impossible to get photos of him 'modelling' for me lately.
This is the only time he sits still, when watching Lego movies.

It was SO cold! I made his jeans too from an old pair of mine that were a ridiculous cut on me.


Today I'm not here...

I am over here though! Check out my guest post over at Project Run & Play! I wrote a tutorial for the Tuxedo shirt Vincent wore in our family photos just recently. There's a free pattern for a size 3T too. Aren't you lucky?

Yes, Yes you are.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Avengers say...


Monday, 25 June 2012

Maternity Photoshoot by Satellite Heart Photography

I really wanted some pretty pictures taken of my pregnancy, ones that didn't involve me standing in the entry of our house with my phone taking a photo of my reflection in the mirror! Luckily for me a friend of mine recently moved to my little town and she is an incredible photographer. I was going to have her take photos of our Gender Reveal party, I love the magical, fairytale feel she gives to her photos, but we didn't end up having the party due to some pretty horrible family tragedy. 

You have no clue how much I LOVE this man! He makes me giddy!
So then a few weeks ago I panicked when I realised I'm in the last weeks of my pregnancy. WEEKS

Luckily the amazing Bridie hooked me up and took some BEAUTIFUL photos of us yesterday. You would never guess it was almost night time and cold!

Here's a few photos she took of us!

Cannot wait to meet the little girl!
Like her facebook page to see the rest of the shoot when she's finished with them! We had a brilliant "Awkward Family Photo" taken too with my parents and my sister and her husband that I can't wait to see!

Oh yeh my hair is pink now. Just in time for my bundle of pink!


Friday, 22 June 2012

Tutorial: Ra Ra Skirt

The other day I started to make a little sailor outfit for Eddie. I made this skirt, and planned on making a little shirt and a diaper cover to go with it {yet to get around to that!}.

As you can see this skirt is not just for teeny tiny babies! For years this was the only kind of skirt I would {ie could} make and wear.

Click the "Read More" link below to view the tutorial!


Thursday, 21 June 2012

We have an official date

Yesterday we found out exactly what day our daughter will arrive!

I'm having an elective c-section. If you read Vince's birth story you might understand why I opted for one