...But it's Winter!

By ari - June 09, 2012

All my favourite blogs are celebrating Summer right now. And that's really great. But I can't really can't get into the spirit of cute dresses and cut-off shorts and thongs {FLIP FLOPS you guys} when I'm curled up in my flanno pjs, Jedi robe & ugg boots with the heater blasting at us. And see where I live it doesn't even snow, it just gets cold, so it's not like we have awesome snow clothes and go frolic around in the snow.

That's Vin all rugged up to go catch a bus with me. I made his jeans and his cowl, and there'll be a tute for the cowl like this week ^_^

Does anyone else live in Australia, or like other parts of the world NOT celebrating Summer? Are you making wintery goodies? Link me up, I want to see delicious cosy threads! If there wasn't a girl child imminent in four weeks {YES YOU HEARD CORRECTLY} then I would initiate some sort of Winter Celebration, but I've got so much planned already I can't. You could though. Yes.


Do it.

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  1. I'm in the UK so it's technically summer... But currently it's wet and grey so I'm with you on cosying up for now!
    Helen x

  2. Yessssss, I'm in South Africa but I don't sew :)

    I do cook though!

  3. just found your blog, love your wee boy's style, here in NZ we are trying to stay warm too, I've been making little zip up jackets for small boys to combat the cold,you can see here


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