Coming Soon: Little Sister Week

By ari - June 16, 2012

This July will bring with it the birth of my little girl, my first one ever! Since its a pretty awesome occasion, the first week in July is going to be a celebration for her arrival while I'm off having her removed.

For the last three years, and don't tell my husband this, my son has been the centre of my universe. I've never had a daughter, I have no idea what to do with her! Since she's going to be his little sister {even though he tries to trick me and tell me she's a Baby Apple}, the theme of this celebration is Little Sister. We're talking ruffles, girl stuff and general babby things!

I've got a whole bunch of my favourite bloggers lined up to bring you amazing guest posts, I've got a tutorial or two and two giveaways! And you'll get to meet MY little sister! Hurray!

You'll be hearing from:

Sisters Syl and Sam from Lipgloss & Black
The amazing Sophie from Cirque Du Bebe 
The super inspirational Sascha from Piccoli Piselli
My craft-wife Thera from Crafty Pirate
The incredibly motivational Stacey from One Owl Obsessed Oddity
My favourite Trish-Argh {heh} from Mary Sew
The super cute + teaches-me-new-stuff Cassie from Drummbellina

and my sister Betty!

Here's a little button you can put on your blog or just look at it because it's cute!

It will run from July 1-7, and I will have some extra posts lined up afterwards so my blog isn't abandoned completely. And then I should be back to it with a little daughter in tow for you to stare at!

It just occured to me that I've got Australians, Canadians, Americans, a German and a Brit. Global awesomeness yo! Make sure you've 'liked' my facebook page too, because I'll most likely post a photo of her up on there when she is born! Here's a hint of what she'll look like, from her 4D scan at 33 weeks

I think she has my lips

PS she pulls faces

Got any tips on raising a daughter?
Leave me your advice!

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  1. I love this idea! I cant wait to see the guest bloggers! cute button, Im going to post it on my page!

  2. You know a lot of ladies with "S" names :).

  3. She will be so much like you that it will get under your skin. Mine's 2. Get used to it, and take it as a compliment. :) You'll do great!


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