Greazefests Past

By ari - June 12, 2012

When I lived in Brisbane, almost every year we'd go to Greazefest. It's a rockabilly car and music festival that used to be like the event of the year for us and our rock n roll friends. We had friends in bands that would play and I saw Zombie Ghost Train at my very first Greazefest ever.

This year I've decided I would like to go, even though Edison will be just four weeks old! The last one we went to I had hot pink hair and Vince was just a few months old also! That was three years ago.

Greazefest 2009
So right now I'm gathering up all my inspiration. I won't dress peaches and cream because I'm done with trying to go 'authentic' rockabilly. Before I had Vincent I ended up finding my own style and sticking to it. I didn't care I wasn't wearing the pretty dresses like the other girls on the 'scene' when we went to gigs and shows. That's what I plan on doing this year!

Greazefest 2008
This photo was taken one month before I fell pregnant with Vincent! That's me in the sexy red heels and black hair, and Betty up on stage! I wore a black jumpsuit with red cuffs & straps. It was so comfy and so cute and my first onepiece I had ever made.

Greazefest 2008
The sailor dresses I made for the Greazer's Ball. I made us all a different colour and a totally different style, just we all had sailor collars and sailor hats to match. You can't see in this photo but I wore blue heels, Betty wore white and Leona wore red, so we all matched.

Greazefest 2009
My body had changed DRAMATICALLY since my pre-baby days, considering it had only been 2 and a half months since I had had little Vince! I made a simple little sundress with fake-piping and wore a ruffley pettiskirt underneath. I do remember having a total meltdown that morning because nothing was going right and I felt sooo unattractive. Tim convinced me we should still go so we arrived at 3pm on the last day and had a pretty good time.

Only a few things I need to make sure of because I have to be comfortable at Greazefest!

  1. I'm going to be breastfeeding, so whatever I wear needs to have easy access
  2. Again with the boobies, but how big will they be by then?
  3. I'm a different shape right now to what I will be then! 
So I can't really make my outfit until like the week before, which isn't a big deal because I made my wedding dress the night before my wedding ahah!

Also I need to come up with ideas for my tiny rocker & rockette.

Greazefest 2007

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  1. The easiest thing might be a cute skirt, cardigan, and nursing tank. That way you can be comfortable and only have to make a little part of something just before.

  2. I've always loved your Greazefest posts, all the way back to livejournal. :) It'll be so fun to see what you & your family will wear!

  3. Zombie Ghost Train are my fav psycho band =-) I am sure what ever you come up with you will be HOT. You are are so photogenic too. Looking forward to the pictures!

  4. Invisible zippers can be placed in princess seams, as long as you leave a little place up top to hide them or use them as design elements (the pull tabs).
    Stretchy is also another option, where you can simply pull the neckline down.
    Wrap/shirt dresses work well.
    Don't know if you have BF before or not (relatively new follower) but they will change size depending on how long it as been since you nursed. So you may want to give yourself a little stretchy space.
    They are probably the size now that they will be a few weeks post. Your hips to.. So you could go on those measurements. I know it was much harder to sew with toddler and newborn, at least for me.
    Oh, you can also do hidden panel where the front pieces are a couple of inches longer and just tucked under the waist band and not actually sewn.
    Working on some of my own :P

  5. I miss Greazefest too! I go to the markets every year still but I totally fell out of the rockabilly scene and now I'm too shy to go to the gigs and just go on the Sunday with mum. I also can't be arsed with dressing up, most people wear a bizarre concoction of 50s-style clothes so I can't be arsed being "authentic" when half the people there don't know or care!

  6. super crazy hottie!!! ermergerd soooo adorable i for realz need acid to throw on your face so it won't have so much power over me!!!! <3


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