Studded Leggings

By ari - June 01, 2012

Finding lots of things on my computer of stuff I have taken photos of but never blogged about. Or maybe I did blog about it and I have baby brain...

Anyway! Here's some cute leggings I made inspired by these on Pinterest. I drafted myself a leggings pattern and made them out of black snake-print lycra!

Before I sewed the legs up, I marked where the knees were. I placed a rectangle of fabric on the inside of the knees and started to stud up the leggings, hoping the second piece of fabric would give it stability. Then I sewed the leggings up as you normally would.

Unfortunately, it's one of those 'back to the drawing board' DIYs. The fabric stretches, obviously, making the studs fall out of their holes. I'm actually thinking about adding a dot of glue onto the prong of each stud and gluing them to the inside of the leggings? Any other suggestions? They're really cute, but I made these in October last year and well... I don't want to lose my studs yo!

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  1. What kind of fabric did you use for the second layer? If the second layer was thick and not stretchy, then I wouldn't think the studs would fall out. You should try a canvas material if that isn't already what you used.

  2. Also, are those just two prong studs? I imagine four prong studs would be a lot sturdier.

  3. Seriously rocking. I would not want to have to scrub the kitchen floors in these, however. ;-)

  4. These are so damn cool! I'd probably give gluing the studs a go, and see how that turns out.

  5. gorgeous! Maybe putting a sturdier fabric or interfacing on the inside will help-iron on elbow patches would probably be really easy. They look totally boss!


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