Sunday, 29 July 2012

My Baby Shower

My best friend Sophie threw an amazing baby shower for me on the 23 June. I would love to rave on and on about how amazing Sophie is, but I actually think I'll save that for another blog post if I'm allowed to showcase some of the things she has made her kids. She started sewing for Elsie Marley's Kid's Clothes Week Challenge at the start of this year and hasn't looked back!

ANYWAY. She's amazing, she's my best friend, she is there for me when I need it and I am so grateful we're back in each other's lives. We used to be friends as kids and knew each other through our teenage years but it wasn't until we became facebook friends right before I had Vincent, and two and a half weeks later she gave birth to his best friend, that we reconnected properly.

I dyed my hair pink too, you know, because I'm having a girl!
I was going to throw myself a huge party, but after the Circus party I just couldn't be bothered! I plan on throwing a 'Meet & Greet' of sorts so people can actually come and meet the bundle. Then Sophie decided to throw me a baby shower and let me tell you, the girl is a pro at baby showers!

I wore a pink dress that my sister Betty bought me a little while ago when I was not pregnant. I wore it when I was about 26 weeks pregnant, but not since then! It was kind of a joke when I tried it on, and then decided that I still fit it and I would wear it anyway!

With my friend's beautiful baby girl!


Friday, 27 July 2012


I actually did take step by step photos of this, so as soon as I get the pieces scanned in and uploaded you'll be able to download the pattern!

This little capelet looks absolutely nothing like the inspiration I had. I didn't even really want to make the one I saved as inspiration, I just wanted to be reminded that I wanted to make a hooded cape. It wasn't until I started making the pattern pieces that I decided I should add a little Peter Pan collar also.

I gave this tutorial at Simple Simon & Co. a read through, just so I knew basically what I would be doing. The main part of the capelet is suppose to be a circle, but I made it more like an oval just so I would have that overlap at the front.

The fabric is this super soft corduroy I got from St Vinnie's, which is wear I always score the best secondhand fabric for so so cheap.

I lined it with the same floral fabric as the Rose Garden shirt dress, just to tie it all together. That fabric was from a quilt cover I also bought second hand.

I just used a snap to keep it together, since I have a million snaps and I have a dislike for buttonholes.

It was incredibly simple to make and line, which made me pleased. I'll be making more for her when she grows for sure.

And this is what it looks like with the matching dress.


Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Grey Peasant Dress

Inspired by the Stephanie Dress by NellyStella, I made this basic and simple peasant dress for Eddie. The fabric is stretchknit, but it's really soft and slinky.

I used the free pattern and tutorial by Sew Much Ado for the Infant Peasant Dress {0-3 months}, which was really simply and easy to sew up. I lengthened the sleeves to make them long, using a newborn sweater as a guide {since I didn't know how long her arms would be!}

I want to add a big black satin bow to the front still, but it looks just as good plain I think! I hemmed the dress with black stretch elastic.


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mickey Mouse Hooded Shirt Reconstruction

She was 3 days old
I originally bought the Mickey shirt from the op-shop to resize for Vinnie, since he really likes Mickey Mouse {and I love how he says it}, but it was grey and went with the things I was making Eddie for her Winter Collection so... sorry Vin. Haha.

I used the Tiny T pattern again, and then drafted my own hood {which I was thinking of uploading for you guys} to fit. The hood is lined and overlaps a little at the front.

Here's the original shirt with the body pieces of the shirt cut out and the sleeves. The lower section of the tee became the hood and the sleeves became the wrist and waistband cuffs.


Monday, 23 July 2012

Edison DOES wear what her mama makes her

I didn't make anything in this picture except for the baby.
I just wanted to show you how cute she was yesterday at 13 days old.

A lot of the posts you've been seeing since Edison was born have been scheduled posts. I've had them pre-prepared and posting automatically, although I have LOVED getting emails and reading the comments from you guys.

I suppose you deserve to see photos of my babe IN the pretty little things I've been making her! If you follow my facebook page, you'd have already seen Edison in the Rose Garden shirt dress, but if you haven't, here she is!

She is one week old in these photos. She is Two weeks old today!
I was so stoked that it fit her so well! It will fit her for a little while yet too. I didn't think I would have such a tiny baby because all I can remember from Vincent is huge big rolls of white marshmallow breastfed goodness.

As you can see she LOVED the capelet...

No she was just trying to tell me that earlier she had been trying to tell me that she wanted boobie, not the play dress ups. If she could talk I swear her most often used phrase would be, "THIS IS NOT WHAT I WAAAAAAANT"

I had her in the Green Tartan dress a few days ago, but she vommed epicly all over it. So now it's washed I'll dress her in it again and take some photos before she turns into a hot mess. One thing is to be said for a vomity baby {Vince wasn't at all}, I get to play dress up A LOT.


Friday, 20 July 2012

Green Tartan Dress

I wanted to make something that I had a pattern for, so I decided to give the Party Dress pattern and tutorial by a whirl. It was free and I already had it printed out.

The pattern was straight-forward and easy, although I don't really like how deep the sleeves curve, and I was looking at the sleeve pattern and thinking it was a strange shape. Next time I make this dress I might just leave the sleeves off because it looked cuter!

The instructions for constructing it were a little strange too, it's lined but the shoulder seams are stitched together and visible on the inside. It's really difficult to explain, but I would probably google some lined bodice tutorials next time to make sure it looks pretty on the inside too. I just feel that if I'm going to line something it should look almost reversible!

Apart from my constructive {I hope?} criticism, the pattern was really easy to use and the instructions were really easy to follow. It's a cute little dress and I can't wait to put it on Edison!