2 x Leggings

By ari - July 15, 2012

Using my leggings pattern, I made two more pairs of leggings for her. Because, you know, she doesn't have enough... I should take photos of her in all her leggings. They're just so easy to make!

The first pair I used some stretch denim I have had for a really time. I'm pretty sure I scored several metres from the second-hand shop because it's not the kind of fabric I would buy THAT much of.

I just realised I made Vincent a pair of skinny jeans out of the exact same fabric... Check them out in this post!

The second pair are made from the same slinky grey stretch fabric as the peasant dress.  I appliqued on knee patches before I sewed up the legs using Vliesofix.

The fabric is the peach tulle I used in the ra-ra skirt!

You can download the free pattern & the tutorial for leggings here

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  1. oh they are so cute. especially teamed up with the ra-ra skirt!

  2. Very cute! I love all the little leggings you've made for her - and that Mickey hoodie is just way too adorable.


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