Cirque Du Bebe: Flashback Tank-Dress

By ari - July 01, 2012

I only just recently found out about the awesomeness of Sophie from Cirque Du Bebe, and it seems that it's me & everyone else who have noticed her. Okay by recently I mean like nearing a year now... She's been guest posting all over the crafty mama blogosphere and I'm so happy and honoured to have her here! Sophie is amazing, she has only been blogging for a little over a year, but she is super talented and what she makes is always so professional. Also her photos are amazing.

Sophie cracks me up, I LOVE seeing in my reader that I have unread posts from Cirque Du Bebe and it's safe to say she is one of my favourite bloggers. I think she's one of everyone's favourite bloggers actually. Her ideas are pretty hip, and she does trendy things that I don't think I could ever get away with. She's a mama to two gorgeous little guys and you know what? She is Australian too! {In case you didn't realise, I'm Australian. Apparently it's been shocking people}. You know what else? We used to live in the same city before I moved away. I LIVED IN THE SAME CITY AS THIS AMAZING MAMA AND I DID NOT EVEN KNOW IT. Regrets, I has them.

Some of my favourite projects she's made are these cloud bum pants, these aqua Sailboat pants {which are tempting me to buy the Oliver & S pattern...}, the stuff & stay tutorial {so dang cute!}, the Call Me Party Frock {oh yeh she doesn't sew JUST for her kids!}. Sophie finds the best t-shirts to cut up and resize for her boys, and it was this post that made me decide to BUY my first online pattern {The Urban Hoodie}. She's pretty influential you see.

Ugh okay I love everything she makes. Ever.

Today Sophie is here to share with us this cute Flashback Tank-Dress! Here she is:

When Max asked if I'd like to post about something 'girl related' for Little Sister Week I couldn't quite believe it. So, just to clarify, you mean make something girly, like for a girl?! It's not every day, wait, ANY day that you get to make something pretty, not when you're a mama of two boys living in a sea of trucks and testicles. It was a tough case, and there were questions that needed answering. Mainly, what on earth would I make for a girl? The stash gave no clues. As you can imagine, it's not exactly brimming with patterns for cute Oliver and S dresses and frilly leggings.

I decided to make something purty for Max's shortly-arriving baby girl, Edison. I wasn't sure what, but I knew it had to be fun, whimsical and sweet but not too sweet for the daughter of a not-your-average-mama-bear, Max. I thought of Max's blog and her style and chose this Kokka carnival fabric, which happened to be sitting next to a stripey men's t-shirt, which happened to be sitting next to Made By Rae's Flashback tee pattern...and a flashback tank dress was born! 

This dress is so simple, I can hardly call this a tutorial so it's more of a 'how I did it in case you want to do it too'.

For the top half I used the size 12-18 months of the Made By Rae Flashback tee pattern and followed these instructions for altering the pattern pieces into a singlet. I then lowered the neckline on the front pattern piece by 1" and cut off the front and back pieces about 3-4 " under the armpit (make the tank part any length you like and no need to hem the bottom). Then made the rest of the tank up according to Rae's instructions. 

For the gathered skirt I cut one long rectangle of fabric since I wanted one seam at the back for this print but you could cut two rectangles if you want side seams. I guestimated the height of the skirt for a 12-18 month old, since obviously I didn't have another dress to measure against. For the length of the rectangle, I folded my piece in half, lined up the folded edge with one side of the tank and let the fabric extend about 6" out past the other end of the tank. Next I sewed the short ends of the rectangle together and gathering stitch around the perimeter at the top. Placed the tank inside the skirt with the right sides facing each other. Adjusted the gathers to fit then stitch together. Finally, I hemmed the bottom and that was it!

Lastly, I couldn't resist adding a little tag with an sewn 'E' on it. 

Thanks for having me!

Grar! Thank you SO MUCH Sophie! Head on over to Cirque Du Bebe now to check out her sweet projects!

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  1. That was a glowing intro and a half. Love your work, Max, love your work. Thanks again for having me, this was such a fun project to work on.

  2. love this! i actually bought that hoodie pattern as well after reading max's review on it> cant wait to get more!

  3. This is amazing - the buttons are a cute touch!

  4. I love this dress! It is absolutely adorable, and now I'm wondering how I haven't stumbled across Cirque Du Bebe before.

  5. ooooh yay!!!! love Sophie!


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