Drummbellina: 'WTF do I do with a Girl?' Zine!

By ari - July 08, 2012

Cassie is another blogger I have known for a very very long time. Before I had Vincent I'm certain of it. I have no clue how we found each other but she's pretty amazing! She comes from Britain!

She wrote and illustrated the cutest tutorial you will ever see on how to make your own knickers! Some other of my favourite projects of Cassie's are the DIY Word cuff tutorial, Button bracelet tutorial, and a Freezer Paper stencilling tutorial. She's written heaps more!

Cassie also writes some amazing articles on things to do when you're broke, how to be self-sufficient and how to be happy when you have no money! As a young adult I think a lot of those articles are really useful!! There's also an article on cheap things to do with your kids.

Today, Cassie made a cute little zine! It's so inspiring, you could use it as a really cute way of chronicling small milestones, events or adventures in your life!

Hey strangers! I'm Cassie A.K.A Drummbellina, a tote bag designer/maker and sporadic blogger :) For this guest post I did something I've actually never done before and made a printable Zine! This is an 8 page mini zine and how it basically works is you print it out, cut off any weird edges, fold it into 8, unfold it again, cut a slit between the middle 4 pages, fold it in half longways and push it together into a book. And yep I'm aware that makes hardly any sense at all until you see it happen so scroll to the bottom of this page for a visual! It's easy peasey.

So here it is, just print out this image full size on regular printer paper:) It's just for fun, nothing ground-breaking in there, but I filled it with things I do, or want to do, with my own little girl Jessica (she's 4 years old and awesome <3) and made it all pretty with illustrations and some child-like form of scrapbooking...  Anyway I hope you all enjoy the handmade-ness of it! ;) 

Thanks for having me Max! xxx

Oh my gosh! What can I say? How amazing is this! I think I want to make mini zines for Vincent & Edison with their adventures now!

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