MarySew: Baby's First Rockstar Jacket

By ari - July 04, 2012

I don't even know where I picked up today's guest poster from. It feels like as long as I've been blogging and sewing I've known Trisha. She comes from her amazing blog Mary Sew and is a self-confessed sewing zombie. She has pink hair, an amazing sense of fashion, and comes from Germany - OH and she loves Batman! You may remember her from a guest post she did for me last year, because she is amazing, when she showed us how to make this epic Batman Tote!

I love the clothes she makes for herself, a lot of her things are on my Pinterest boards because she's SO inspiring for me. Here's some stuff she has blogged about that I just love. You can really spend hours and hours over there!

Rock n Roll Ruffle Skirt, Have you seen my eyeball? skirt tutorial, Hoodie of Cuteness {you really can't argue with that title can you!}, Epic Vegan Choc Choc Cookies recipe, Skeleton Hand stencilled top, Skeleton Hand necklace tutorial

Today she's going to show off a CUTE jacket she made for her nephew:

Hi, I am Trisha from and I’m happy to guest blog today while Max is busy making a new human life ^^.

Little Sisters are special. I am so happy to have a little sister who is also one of my very best friends.

We didn’t always have such a good relationship. My sister is 5 years younger than I am (that is a whole different generation when you’re a teenager ^^) and is pretty much the complete opposite of me. After I moved out of our parent’s house we began to getting to know each other all over again and we became really good friends.

When she told me she was pregnant last year I couldn’t stop crying happy tears. She even asked me to become her baby’s godmother.

My sister and I live 500 km apart so I couldn’t always be there for her through her pregnancy. She kept me posted by sending me videos of her bouncing belly and ultrasounds. He was always so active and bouncy we were sure he’d be a future Rockstar.

So for his birth I made him his first Rockstar Baby Jacket.

The pattern is from Ottobre Kids 3/12 (, the images for the freezer paper stencil are stolen from all over the internet.

It’s a little too big for him, but I guess in the middle of Autumn he’ll look very handsome in it.

I hope that even though I’m pretty far away I can always make sure to send over some handmade cloth, so my little nephew will always have a little something from his auntie Maybe this way I can let him know how much I care for the tiny dude.

Liebe Grüße, TrishArgh

Thanks honey! That is the cutest darn jacket. I haven't ever tried Ottobre patterns before but the stuff you're making from them makes me think I should give them a go! 

Head over to MarySew to check out her awesome tutorials, recipes and general amazingness!

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  1. Oh, this jacket is way adorable! Go Trisha!

  2. Thanks for such a sweet introduction. You are such a wonderful friend.. sad that you are so far away now :(
    Hope you are starting settle in your home.
    Ghost Of Girlfriends Past Jacket


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