My Baby Shower

By ari - July 29, 2012

My best friend Sophie threw an amazing baby shower for me on the 23 June. I would love to rave on and on about how amazing Sophie is, but I actually think I'll save that for another blog post if I'm allowed to showcase some of the things she has made her kids. She started sewing for Elsie Marley's Kid's Clothes Week Challenge at the start of this year and hasn't looked back!

ANYWAY. She's amazing, she's my best friend, she is there for me when I need it and I am so grateful we're back in each other's lives. We used to be friends as kids and knew each other through our teenage years but it wasn't until we became facebook friends right before I had Vincent, and two and a half weeks later she gave birth to his best friend, that we reconnected properly.

I dyed my hair pink too, you know, because I'm having a girl!
I was going to throw myself a huge party, but after the Circus party I just couldn't be bothered! I plan on throwing a 'Meet & Greet' of sorts so people can actually come and meet the bundle. Then Sophie decided to throw me a baby shower and let me tell you, the girl is a pro at baby showers!

I wore a pink dress that my sister Betty bought me a little while ago when I was not pregnant. I wore it when I was about 26 weeks pregnant, but not since then! It was kind of a joke when I tried it on, and then decided that I still fit it and I would wear it anyway!

With my friend's beautiful baby girl!

The first thing I saw when I walked in was the CAKE



Sophie's brother-in-law Ryan made it. We were actually chatting on facebook the night before as he was making it and I didn't have a clue! It's so amazing. It's the most amazing cake in my life.

I was OBSESSED with these cupcakes. They were pink & purple on the inside and had big chunks of banana. I hate banan, but I LOVED these!!

Sophie had HEAPS of games for us to play. One of them was to guess the celebrity baby. I won it!

I got three right. It was really difficult!

The second game was to put the baby products in order of least to most expensive. Guess who won that one too? ME! I gave my presents to the runners up though ^_^

One of the games my mum REALLY wanted to play was 'the string game'. Everyone guesses how big my belly is, and cuts a piece of string/ribbon to that length. Then afterwards they measure around my belly & the closest to the measurement wins!

This game was HILARIOUS. Some people were WAY off.



The Rice Game was so fun! I've played it before with Sophie and it is quite difficult when it's your turn! In a bowl of uncoked rice are about 30 or so small safety pins. When you are blindfolded you have 60seconds to find as many safety pins as you can. THEY FEEL THE SAME AS THE RICE.

After about 4 people have played, Sophie swaps the bowls with a bowl of rice that has NO pins in it to the blindfoldd person. It's HILARIOUS watching them go "It is really hard!" when they don't have any safety pins at all!

Sophie blew up a balloon and we had to try and put an old-school cloth nappy on it with a pin! The fastest person wins. I got about 18 seconds, but my mother in law won at 13 seconds! I guess my husband got a lot of nappy changes when he was a baby ^_^

My sister-in-law Hayley is pregnant also, she was 28 weeks at the party {her daughter is due in September}. It will be Vinnie & Edison's first cousin - Vincent has been the first and only grandchild for three years!

Edison and I got some BEAUTIFUL presents. We are so spoiled and lucky to have such amazing family & friends!

My BFF Sophie made me cry with her card

'Wearing' the quilt my Aunty made Edison. It's so pretty, everyone was impressed by it! She made a circus one for Vince when he was born, so I'm really happy his little sister has her own now too!


Lucky Mummy & Baby!
My sister in law and I got over-excited and hugged. We forgot we are both quite pregnant and our little baby bellies bumped together quite hard! It hurt but it was so funny.

Portable table..
My Family: My Oma, my aunty, my mother, me & my little sister Betty!
Casually holding a knife with my in-laws!
My sister-in-law Hayley, me & my sister Betty

Thankyou for my beautiful party Sophie!

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  1. You had the cutest baby shower ever!

  2. this made me smile!! what a wonderful party lucky you!! xo


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