Rae Made Me Do It + {Giveaway Closed}

By ari - July 02, 2012

Giveaway Closed

Rae is by far one of my biggest sewing idols. I LOVE pretty much everything she makes, I love her sense of humour, I love the cute faces of her kids and I love how amazing she is. I'm always making Made by Rae things, and between her and Dana's Celebrate the Boy series I got motivation to sew for Vince when he was a bebe.

On her website she has quite a few tutorials for cute things, as well as a mix of free patterns and patterns for you to buy {$10 and under}. Here's a few of my favourites:

The Dragon Slippers are the cutest things ever! I made some for Vinnie when they premièred last Celebrate the Boy and for a little while he would only wear them to dance in for about 5 minutes, but now they are his 'slipee' of choice! These red ones are the ones I made for him:

How cute are the little tongues! The tutorial is totally free so go make some for your kid/s AND for yourself! I should make a pair for the hospital...

The Peekaboo Bonnet is not actually one I have in my collection just yet! But looking at the adorable photos of Rae's daughter in hers, as well as the gorgeous ones in the Flickr pool makes me want one! The pattern is only $10, so if you miss out on the giveaway you can still buy one to make a cutie girl in your life!

The Pierrot Tunic is a pattern I watched evolve from a cute dress she made her little girl and into a pattern. I ended up buying it when I found out I was expecting Edison, those ruffles around the neck were just too perfect to pass up! Check out the Flickr pool for the things tagged 'pierrot' for inspiration!


I made the Pierrot only once so far, but when I have time I'm going to make some more. It looks so cute and the ruffles are just, well it makes everyone go awwwwww when they see it in real life. I bought a plus-size blouse from the op-shop that was blue broderie anglaise and I only JUST had enough for this dress. The sleeves of the top were resized down into the sleeves for the dress, and the ruffle is cut from all the scraps I had left joined together!

I cannot wait it to see it on her!

The Big Butt Baby Pants {or B³Ps!} were probably one of my first patterns I bought from Rae. I don't even know how long ago and unfortunately I don't have any photos of the first things I made from it! I made matching pjs for Vin and two of his friends, the Big Butt Baby Pants became flanno shorts with matching singlets. These pants are so perfect for big giant nappy bums!

A few days ago I made from some random flanno fabric I was given {I have a lot now, all different pinks!} a pair of small Big Butt Baby Pants from Rae's pattern. The ruffle edges were left unfinished, and I fluffed them up a little. So cute. Can't wait to see her butt in these! {Guys, is it me being super Australian or do other people call flannelette 'flanno' as well? I am highly suspicious of myself}

The amazing Rae is offering a Pierrot Tunic, a Big Butt Baby Pants and a Peekaboo Bonnet pattern to three of my readers {one pattern for each winner}! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment on this post telling me what your favourite Made By Rae item is! 

Entry is open GLOBALLY to all readers of my blog. Giveaway closes Midnight AEST on the 7th July, 2012.

Now all together say, "Thank you Rae!"

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  1. definitely the Peekaboo bonnet! it is timeless and classic!!

    1. Hi Kate! You're a winner! Please send me an email :)

  2. There is such a wide variety of flannelette available now. No longer are we limited to checked flannelette. Love the Big Butt pants and the fabric you've used... gorgeous!!! I've always LOVED broderie anglaise and your tunic looks so sweet made in the blue. My favourite... think I'd choose the Pierrot Tunic. Thanks Max and Rae for the chance to win!!!

  3. Thank you Rae!!! Max, these are SO cute. I shall be checking Rae out now thanks to your plug. I have a friend with two little girls that would dig some of her clothing that's for sure :D

  4. I wouldn't say no to a peekaboo bonnet. So just in case I ever have more girl sewing in the future then I've got a pattern up my sleeve!

  5. I love, love, love the bonnet ... And coincidentally am about 7 weeks away from having a baby girl! Like you, I already have a boy (2 in fact) so It will be very strange to have a girl. But I love the bonnet and the matching outfit - hoping to make both when summer arrives for the little one!

  6. I'd love to win this! I'm already a Rae fan, just adore her skinny tees!

  7. Thank you Rae! I have to say the Pierrot tunic is simply adorable, definitely my favourite!

  8. I've never heard of "flannelette" before, however, I'm not much of a sewer; although I suspect most people don't know the difference between flannel and flannelette.

  9. Thnk you Rae! And Max
    Loving the Big Butt Pants :)

    And I don't think you can get any more Aussie than using the word flanno hahaha

  10. Thanks Rae and Max for the giveaway. I would love the Big Butt Pants for my new addition!


  11. Thank you Rae! I'd definitely go for the Pierrot tunic. I love Rae's flashback skinny tee tutorial as well. Flanno is definitely Aussie as far as I know, in the UK it's flannelette! :-)

  12. Thanks Rae! It's so hard to pick one thing of hers that I love best. But it would probably be the Big Butt Baby Pants, just because they look so dang cute on!

  13. thank you rae! what adorable patterns! i would love to get my hands on that pierrot tunic pattern!

  14. Ha ha ha! I am an Aussie living in the US and had a bit of a giggle at your "flanno" comment :) Sometimes our Aussie-ness just oozes out unintentionally. I am enjoying your blog that I wandered to via Project Run and Play.

  15. Love the bonnet! Have had my eye it for a bit now...thank you Rad and Max!

  16. I love to watch them they are really cute



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