Secret Garden dress

By ari - July 16, 2012

It's getting difficult to name these things. Do I just describe what they are,or come up with something imaginative? You can bet that everything floral is going to be 'something Garden'. I'm so creative with that...

I am really proud of this dress! It's so much fun sewing for a little girl. All the little boy stuff is CUTE but these things actually make people go "Awwww!" when they see them.

I was originally inspired by this dress at TroiZenfants, just a simple cotton shift dress. Puff sleeves with a Peter Pan collar. I already have heaps of floral fabric in my stash, and I got the peach as a remnant when I went to the fabric store to get something plain/solid coloured to go with it. It matches the tiny peach coloured flowers in the print.

My mum bought this pattern {New Look 6879} when we found out it was a girl, and so I used the sleeves and collar from View C. I extended the bodice so it was an A-line shape, a simple shift.

It came together quite easily, and it's lined {except the sleeves}. I had issues trying to figure out how to attach the sleeves so the seam was inside the lining, but it didn't work out. I'm sure if I had a good research I could find some instructions. 

This is the smallest size, for a 6month old.

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  1. So I'm totally waiting for her debut in some of these outfits!

  2. You're right... little boys' clothes are cute, but give me sewing girlie things any day. Such a sweet little dress with the Peter Pan collar!!!

  3. So so sweet Max. I think you should make E at least ten of these in different florals/ vintage fabrics.

  4. so gorgeous, love that peachy colour with the beautiful floral print :)

  5. my first thought/idea on how to attach the sleeves to hide the seam would be to sew them on the dress, leaving the lining armhole free, then handstitch or topstitch the lining over the seam allowance (with the lining edge tucked in, of course). Looks lovely! Girls are so much more fun to sew for, imo. :-)

  6. so absolutely adorable! I started cooing as soon as the collar came up and my husband laughed and said "you haven't even seen the whole dress yet!" to which I stated: "yeah but it's her first little dress for her baby and it came out so perfect!" Then he got all excited over the jawas... that's how it went down.

    so yeah, friggin precious!!!! love the fabric pattern and peachy collar!!!!!

  7. I'm loving all of these adorable projects you've been working on! I'm inspired to make some leggings ... and dresses!


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