Friday, 24 August 2012

Ruffled Sunsuit

Since my little girl has SO many newborn things, and is steadily putting on the grams, I've been trying to make stuff for her for summer. This was a UFO {Unfinished Object} since before she was born, but last night I finished most of it off. All I need to do is wait for her to grow into it so I can figure out where to stitch the buttons on the straps.

I used this free pattern and tutorial over at Little Betty Designs. The pattern is size 1, but I altered it to fit a 6-month-old approximately.

The fabric is some super cute fabrics I got very cheap in the scrap bin at Spotlight. The mouse print is almost like a calico fabric, while the polka dots is a stretch cotton. It was my first time blatantly mixing patterns, something I have always wanted to attempt with all the wonderful inspiration around. The ruffles look crooked on the butt, they're not that crooked, but yes... they are not straight. I don't even know how I managed it but, who cares!


Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Edison's Winter Collection 2012

Here's a recap of my baby girl's Winter Collection this year!

6. Stretch Jeans, 7. Peach tulle skirt, 8. Leggings with heart knee-patches

Hit the links to see the posts and linkage to any tutorials I used

It's coming up Spring and I am SO EXCITED. All the colours for this Summer are so bright and happy, the kid stores are stocking swimsuits. It's going to be great. Summer Collection maybe? Who's in with me this time?


Monday, 20 August 2012

Tutorial: Bandanna Skirt

I bought this super cute bandanna from the op-shop before Edison was born. I remember making myself a square 'handkerchief' skirt when I was younger, but it was all from stretch fabrics. I wasn't sure how to make this work, but I was determined to give it a go! All the tutorials I saw online used two bandannas, but this uses just the one! I used some pink stretchknit for the waistband, also a score from the op-shop!

Before I show you how, I was wondering if anyone knows any tips on tie-dying. I would love to recreate this vibrant tie-dye, but I think it may be difficult! What brands do you use, what techniques? Please share so I can...

Here's how you make one!


One Month

She's actually 6 weeks old today, but here is Edison's One Month photo. I was reminded to post this up by Inder's One Month post. Did you know her daughter Maggie was born the same day as my little Eddie?

It's crazy that her hair is so long already that gravity affects it
Since one of her middle names is Wednesday, I'm going to take a photo of her in a Wednesday Addams dress every month. She barely fit into this one! {Sorry about the terrible quality. My phone is dead and I had to grab this pic off facebook. Ew}

Her other middle name is Rae. Not after Rae from Made By Rae I swear! I am a fangirl, but her name comes from the song "A Little Ray of Sunshine."

I was having a very sad day, I'd had a bit of a shock when we went in to book in for the C Section and I was bombarded with information I didn't want to know about. I like to live in a blissfully unaware world {I don't watch the news for this reason}. Then I was reminded of a horrible tragedy we had in the family earlier this year. I came home and for some reason started thinking about this song.

This song is a song my father 'gave' to me when I was born. It's been my song. Check out the lyrics:

Her father says she has to have a name
Not the same as her mom's, but a name just the same
A little ray of sunshine has come into the world,
A little ray of sunshine in the shape of a girl.

We'll show her the dress that she'll wear
With the gold flowing hair that nature provided
A little ray of sunshine has come into the world,
A little ray of sunshine in the shape of a girl.

A little ray of sunshine -
I want to know if you think she looks good in the pink,
That grandma has bought her ... our own little daughter.

She can make you feel good,
She can make you feel that it's all worthwhile,
Only by her smile, only by her smile ...

Have you noticed she's just like her father,
And i think that i'd rather
Her hair was much darker,
A little ray of sunshine has come into the world,
A little ray of sunshine in the shape of a girl.

She can make you feel good,
She can make you feel that it's all worthwhile,
Only by her smile, only by her smile, only by her smile ...
Talkin' 'bout my little ray of sunshine,
My little ray of sunshine,
Little ray of sunshine

Suddenly I decided I wanted to tie in this song to my daughter's name. A little tribute to my dad. My song that I was giving to my daughter. I asked Tim if we could add Rae to her middle name Wednesday. I thought he'd flat out say no, since he hates the idea of multiple middle names. Since we had a rough day he was feeling sentimental also, family is so so important to us, so he said yes!

We told Dad she was getting another middle name, since everyone knew she'd be Edison Wednesday the moment we found out it was a girl. He was confused, but the only hint I'd give him was that he would cry. After she was born, and we had no contact with anyone for hours and hours {I was stuck in the recovery room for a very long time}, my father finally met her and asked me what her other middle name was.

I told him her name was Edison Wednesday Rae, Wednesday after Wednesday Addams and then I asked him to guess what the Rae was from. He couldn't figure it out, until I croakily started to sing the song with the oxygen tube in my nose.

He burst into tears and gave me the massivest hug.

Mission Accomplished

Man now I need to get around to writing her birth story and my dramz of breastfeeding {We got it down now} and how unfun an elective caesarean is compared to an emergency one!


Sunday, 19 August 2012


Hello clever kids! Life has been a bit, different, with a newborn! I've been a bit all over the place but I finally have nothing {ie not much} on my To Do list so I'll be able to sew again and blog again!

My sister-in-law is almost about to pop with her baby, a little girl, mid-September. I'm going to make some maternity things for her as a surprise {I don't think she reads this blog regularly. Cheeky girl}, since I didn't get a chance to showcase any of the Megan Nielson patterns! I hardly got a chance to sew them. Being pregnant is tough and I really admire other bloggers who can do so much!

Anyway, here's some gorgeous photoshoots that inspire me. It's not necessarily things I would make, but I just love the way the shoots are set up, the feelings they elicit and of course, the cute models!

Scotch Soda
via Smudgetikka

Source: Unknown -_-

Scotch Soda

via Smudgetikka

Scotch Soda
Esperanza Moya
No Added Sugar
I've been getting some lovely emails from you! It's fun and I always reply, you're such a helpful wonderful bunch! So keep emailing me!

Please :)


Friday, 10 August 2012

Kool Flattop

Today you can find me over on Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!  for their Sew In Tune series! It's a boy-centred sewing series inspired by music. I was inspired by Kool Flattop by The Horrorpops!

I made a college/varsity jacket from a Raglan-sleeved tee pattern.

Click the picture to head on over!

This outfit is exactly entirely made by me. I made it for the 'signature style' themed week at Project Run & Play's sew along. Unfortunately my family had to go through some pretty tragic stuff and even though I had the outfit and the photos, I really procrastinated and didn't have the chance to enter it. The pants were made from a pair of shorts I made myself when I was 17, the shirt I made from scratch and stitched on a patch of Johnny Cash from a t-shirt I outgrew {in the chest area ha}.

Vince has had one of these jackets every size he grows into, and so when I sewed a new one up fo rhim {in the next size up} he chose... Orange. Katy would be proud.