Edison's Winter Collection 2012

By ari - August 22, 2012

Here's a recap of my baby girl's Winter Collection this year!

6. Stretch Jeans, 7. Peach tulle skirt, 8. Leggings with heart knee-patches

Hit the links to see the posts and linkage to any tutorials I used

It's coming up Spring and I am SO EXCITED. All the colours for this Summer are so bright and happy, the kid stores are stocking swimsuits. It's going to be great. Summer Collection maybe? Who's in with me this time?

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  1. such cuteness - ok it is going to be a little weird that our seasons are reversed ;op Here I am getting so excited that fall is just around the corner and I can't start bundling the kiddos up in layer upon layer of cuteness, and you are ready to strip them down to swim wear ;o)

  2. I just moved house this past weekend and all my sewing stuff is packed away. Im crossing my fingers that I can get the machines out soon because Im planning lots of things for my boy. I already have fabric and patterns picked out for at least 3 pairs of shorts, one tank and one short sleeved button up shirt. Need to get this house in order so I can sew!

  3. Ahhhh, so much adorable! I love the fabrics that you chose for Eddie's Winter collection, they are all so beautiful.


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