By ari - August 19, 2012

Hello clever kids! Life has been a bit, different, with a newborn! I've been a bit all over the place but I finally have nothing {ie not much} on my To Do list so I'll be able to sew again and blog again!

My sister-in-law is almost about to pop with her baby, a little girl, mid-September. I'm going to make some maternity things for her as a surprise {I don't think she reads this blog regularly. Cheeky girl}, since I didn't get a chance to showcase any of the Megan Nielson patterns! I hardly got a chance to sew them. Being pregnant is tough and I really admire other bloggers who can do so much!

Anyway, here's some gorgeous photoshoots that inspire me. It's not necessarily things I would make, but I just love the way the shoots are set up, the feelings they elicit and of course, the cute models!

Scotch Soda
via Smudgetikka

Source: Unknown -_-

Scotch Soda

via Smudgetikka

Scotch Soda
Esperanza Moya
No Added Sugar
I've been getting some lovely emails from you! It's fun and I always reply, you're such a helpful wonderful bunch! So keep emailing me!

Please :)

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  1. oh those scotch soda photos are gorgeous. great inspiration!

  2. you always come up with the best inspiration! That girl looking out the window takes my breath away. The first picture reminds me of Veruca Salt (form the original Willy Wonka) - the model looks a bit like the actress and the milk shake and posh styling... love. If we are ever on the same continent, we'll do a photoshoot together - you come up with the theme/styling and I'll shoot it ;o)


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