Kool Flattop

By ari - August 10, 2012

Today you can find me over on Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!  for their Sew In Tune series! It's a boy-centred sewing series inspired by music. I was inspired by Kool Flattop by The Horrorpops!

I made a college/varsity jacket from a Raglan-sleeved tee pattern.

Click the picture to head on over!

This outfit is exactly entirely made by me. I made it for the 'signature style' themed week at Project Run & Play's sew along. Unfortunately my family had to go through some pretty tragic stuff and even though I had the outfit and the photos, I really procrastinated and didn't have the chance to enter it. The pants were made from a pair of shorts I made myself when I was 17, the shirt I made from scratch and stitched on a patch of Johnny Cash from a t-shirt I outgrew {in the chest area ha}.

Vince has had one of these jackets every size he grows into, and so when I sewed a new one up fo rhim {in the next size up} he chose... Orange. Katy would be proud.

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  1. I already commented over there (because the desire for free patterns is making me a comment junkie) - but I wanted to give you some love on your own blog. This little jacket totally ROCKS!I love the black and white - so classic cool. ps - if you make the PR&P top 5 you have my vote!

  2. AHHHH!! So cute! I am always intrigued by jacket patterns... yeay!

  3. Vince looks SO like your husband!


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