Ruffled Sunsuit

By ari - August 24, 2012

Since my little girl has SO many newborn things, and is steadily putting on the grams, I've been trying to make stuff for her for summer. This was a UFO {Unfinished Object} since before she was born, but last night I finished most of it off. All I need to do is wait for her to grow into it so I can figure out where to stitch the buttons on the straps.

I used this free pattern and tutorial over at Little Betty Designs. The pattern is size 1, but I altered it to fit a 6-month-old approximately.

The fabric is some super cute fabrics I got very cheap in the scrap bin at Spotlight. The mouse print is almost like a calico fabric, while the polka dots is a stretch cotton. It was my first time blatantly mixing patterns, something I have always wanted to attempt with all the wonderful inspiration around. The ruffles look crooked on the butt, they're not that crooked, but yes... they are not straight. I don't even know how I managed it but, who cares!

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  1. love the pattern mix - this is something I am going to challenge myself to do through project runway! (I'm so scared of mixing things) Cirque du Bebe has been a huge inspiration on that front. I love the dots and the little mice are PERFECT. You should do two sets of buttons, that way she can wear it longer (I love Mack's rompers that have two button sets so it gets longer with her).

  2. Straight ruffles or not, this is adorable!

  3. Eeek! I love the ruffled butt! What is it about babies and ruffled bums - it's just so irresistible!

  4. This is so cute! I love it.

    Also, I love you mostest. Thank you for being my inspiration. I don't know what I'd do without you in my life. <3

  5. O h wow. Too cute! I can't wait to see what otherbaby clothes you come up with. That tartan dress is also adorable.Hope all is well with you and baby!

  6. Oh I need to see this cute thing on her! Love the fabric combo.


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