Sunday, 30 September 2012

Vincent, Photographer

Do you ever let your kids get the camera? Vincent doesn't really like using my phone for photos, but he loves our big camera. It has a button that makes the flash pop up!

That's me in the corner ahha. I wasn't rousing, I was faking it.
Sometimes I'll be uploading photos from the camera and notice about 50 strange shots I don't remember taking. Thank you Vincent.

Ready for your close-up Day?
Here's some of his best I found on the camera from September last year!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Circus Party Pt 2: Games

{Circus Party costumes here. Circus Party favours here}

I had three main games that I prepared for the kids, Bean Bag Toss, Knock Em Down, and the classic Duck Fishing game that Vince ALWAYS has to play when we go to the circus or shows or anything with a sideshow alley.

Knock 'em Down

I made the cans for the Knock em Down quite easily enough! Old cans from food, Milo, and generous donations from my friends and family soon meant I had enough. I soaked the labels off and then set them outside. I spray-painted them all white first, to give it a bit of a base coat, then with masking tape I sectioned bits off and chose different bright colours to spray-paint them. The ones with the dots on I just used acrylic paint and a paintbrush and dotted it on. When they were all dry I used a black Sharpie pen to just go over the separate colours to make them stand out a bit. I LOVE the cans so much! We've been using them around the house as vases, storing paint brushes and pencils and pens, and also Vince & his BFF enjoy rolling them down the driveway.

Beanbag Toss

I was worried the clown would frighten the kids. It frightened me...
I made bean bags for both the Knock em Down game and the Bean Bag Toss, 33 in total! Originally they were  four times the size, but I thought it would be cuter if they were smaller.

I cut them into small squares and sewed up three sides then turned them all right way out.

Then I filled them with rice, about 1/3 full, and folded the tops in and pinned them closed.

Then I carefully stitched across the tops with the sewing machine ^_^

The clown was a piece of foamcore board that was a disply sign at tim's old phone store. I sketched out the shape of the clown and cut him out, then glued pieces of fabric to him. Then I glued him to the bottom of a cardboard box that already had a hole cut out of it.

Here he is in action!

Duck Fishing

This is a game that is a family tradition for Vincent since he was 7 months old! Every time we go to a fair or a show that has sideshows, he always gets to play the duck fishing game to win a prize.

I bought a bulk lot of mini ducks off eBay, they showed up the day before the party PHEW.

I used an old metal tub that apparently immigrated from Holland with my Oma & Opa. My mum used to be given baths in it when she was little! I filled it with water and then the kids used aquarium fish nets to scoop up the ducks.

This was the most popular game!


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Beach Holiday!

I wrote this up and for some reason never finished this post. It's a photo post about our beach holiday when Ed was 3 weeks old :)

Vince named the pelican 'Tim' {after his dad}. The fish were also named Tim.
We just spent the last week at Maroochydore. It was pretty amazing! I'm so tired now because now it's really on, back to reality. Tim starts back at work on Monday after a month off and I need to figure out how to do this mum-of-two-kids thing!

Here's a photo dump of some snaps I took from my phone on our holiday!

On the road. I was so stylish with my Black Milk leggings and my ugg boots... 

Edison was SUCH a good little traveller! Vince went in his Nanny's car!


Monday, 17 September 2012

Jailhouse Rock Onesie

I can't remember if this is a onesie I drafted from an Enid Gilchrist book or an old pattern. Either way it had a weird crotch flap when I sewed it that I was like "HUH?" Edison finally fits it though, and the 'weird crotch flap' isn't a problem.

I made this when I first found out I was pregnant, and wanted something pretty unisex. It reminds me of Elvis.

I LOVE matching up stripes and plaids, so I was pretty damn proud when the front matched up So perfectly!

She's got some room to grow as you can tell.

She was smiling at the quilt cover. Okay Eddie :)


Saturday, 15 September 2012


It's Spring.

Source: via Adam on Pinterest

The days have already become warmer and the long winter is just a memory of when I was pregnant and couldn't warm up. Everyone laughs at me when I say I'm cold. I live in Queensland, how cold can it get? Pretty damn cold. My town is ontop of a mountain range. The cold is gets into your bones. I've never re-adjusted to the weather here since we moved back. I always need a hoodie with me just in case. 

Today was perfect and reminded me that Summer is on its way! I'm still wearing the mini dress I wore all day. No hoodie, no slippers, no pj pants. It's daylight when I wake up and daylight when Tim comes home from work.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED winter. I used to pine for winter for layered clothes and cute beanies and boots, fingerless gloves, scarves! It's so much more of a hassle being super pregnant in winter. Then having a tiny baby born in winter. The heater was on all the time, we had so many blankets on our bed I decided against co-sleeping with her.

But now the sun is shining down on us and warming us up, my outdoor patio is finally built so I can just work on making it look pretty. I put a couch out there, I want to make a patchwork throw for it, so I can soak up the afternoon sun with my kids. Like these curtains.

I'm really drawn to the gypsy/bohemian/hippy aesthetic right now. It's just calling to me what I'm thinking of when I think of the warmer weather. Lazy days with no plans and happiness, surrounded by pretty things. And the beach. I want to go to the beach a lot.

I really love this outfit. It's cute.

I want one of these chandeliers, coloured glass, to hang in one of the trees outside.

Flower crowns and arm parties

Lots of bubbles!

I really want one of these hammock chairs

I wish! hah

Source: via Adam on Pinterest

I'd love this but our trees aren't that tall or big. I wish there was some way I could think of to hang these under the patio

Pretty beads.

Fairy lights!

Love this skirt

Source: via Adam on Pinterest

Moccasin boots!

Source: via Adam on Pinterest

I've already started a patchwork skirt for myself!
Check out my Summer inspiration board on Pinterest, W a n d e r l u s t