Beach Holiday!

By ari - September 19, 2012

I wrote this up and for some reason never finished this post. It's a photo post about our beach holiday when Ed was 3 weeks old :)

Vince named the pelican 'Tim' {after his dad}. The fish were also named Tim.
We just spent the last week at Maroochydore. It was pretty amazing! I'm so tired now because now it's really on, back to reality. Tim starts back at work on Monday after a month off and I need to figure out how to do this mum-of-two-kids thing!

Here's a photo dump of some snaps I took from my phone on our holiday!

On the road. I was so stylish with my Black Milk leggings and my ugg boots... 

Edison was SUCH a good little traveller! Vince went in his Nanny's car!

We stopped at a playground at Esk to play and give the baby girl a feed. I love this photo because it didn't click that Vincent was wearing a Batman tee and I was wearing my Harley Quinn leggings ^_^

When we got there, I changed Vincent into a Hawaiian shirt and the boys were instantly in Vacation Mode

Breastfeeding Edison means I'm up at awesome hours. I managed to see beautiful sunrises every morning!

Vincent loved looking outside with the "Nock-yas". We'd check out the people outside on the beach to see how they were dressed so we knew whether we'd need jumpers or not. Haha.

We visited the beach every day. Vinnie LOVES the beach

We went to the Sunshine Plaza and hired a pedal boat. Tim sat in the back to steer and pedal. I hardly pedalled at all. Heehee

We got given bread to feed the fish. They would flip out of the water! And then the ducks would stalk us across the river

I went to San Churros pretty much every day for spanish hot chocolate and churros. I feel sad just looking at this photo. I think I got addicted.

Edison rocking her Wednesday Addams dress. Peace baby!

Tim caught this ugly mutha! It's a Toadfish. Toadfish are jerks.
This one was as big as Tim's shoe!

Her tongue. Seriously. What a doll!

Watching the Olympics with my sister. Vincent LOVED cheering. His favourite team was CHINA

We went on a double date with Betty & Hop. Edison was a 5th wheel but she didn't mind much. 
We got... SAN CHURROS.

Hop was shielding Eddie from the sun while Tim carefully carried her.

Yeaaaah... I wore Black Milk leggings nearly every day.

Don't take life too seriously

Ordering noodles from the spa bath. Life! 
By the way: Vincent ordered noodles & strawberries

I'm yet to write Edison's birth story like I did with Vincent, and over on my other blog I want to write about the early days of Eddie's life, just because it's HARD and I totally forgot from when Vin was new. Basically, we had A LOT of problems breastfeeding in the beginning. In the hospital she was vomiting blood because one of my nipples was cracked and bleeding when she drank. Let's just say, seeing your three day old daughter puking blood all over herself is not reassuring stuff! Anyway, now that we have breastfeeding down pat, it's moments like the photo above that I just love.

There was one day I wore a singlet and shorts. It was so cold! Yes. Ugh Boots again... 
I'm so classy...

When she's feeding or sleeping on me, I take a lot of photos of us aha

We went to Underwater World. The Shark tunnel was closed but we had a great time. Until Vincent smacked Edison and then smacked Tim during the seal show. We had got him a pass to get a kiss from the seal but after that final straw we decided that sort of behavior shouldn't be rewarded with a Seal kiss. He was pretty upset about it but he got over it that night

Tim put Edison on the floor for a moment then walked off. It reminded me of when you play Sims and your Sim puts the baby on the ground then walks away to yell at a lamp or something

Photobombed by my daughter. What is that face?

Tim playing Sims again ahha

Such a little cupcake!

I love these slippers! The only shoes that fit her, so she wear them all the time. I nee to try and get the next size up.

Black Milk at the beach. With Ugh boots. Lol. Don't let those sunny Queensland skies fool you! It was COLD.

Tim and I bought Vince a spiffy Ben 10 fishing rod even though Vin & I were a bit partial to the Mickey Mouse one. The Mickey Mouse one had a reel that was covered by hard plastic, but Tim said the Ben 10 one would be better. In 5 minutes Vincent had somehow knotted up all the line on the reel. The covered plastic may have been a great idea...

Across the road from our apartment was the most depressing shopping centre on the planet. Half the shops are empty, it's HUGE and desolate like something from a post-apocalyptic movie. There was a slot-cars shop though.

I'm not sure if Little Monster enjoyed it? 

That islet on the end to the left of this photo is a caravan park. I want to go stay there next time.

Vince won Gold for China. This was his awards ceremony...

Vince and I hang out a lot, so we're good at inventing games together. 
This one was called, "Pretend the Mannequins are Daddy"

Selfies with the hubs. I cropped out the part where his fly was down ^_^

Eating Churros!

Eating Sorbet!

Vince's first haircut by a barber. Brilliant work!

My little man 'needed' new sunglasses. He already has 5 pairs...

We had a FANTASTIC time. Now that it's SPRING I can't wait for roadtrips to the beach more often. I'm determined to get my license ASAP so I can drive the kids when Tim is at work :P

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  1. love this!! the photo where tim is eating sorbet it looks like the old man behind him is scratching tims head :P

  2. This makes me want a beach holiday so bad! (Also, it makes me want to be able to wear my Black Milks again!)


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