Circus Party Pt 2: Games

By ari - September 24, 2012

{Circus Party costumes here. Circus Party favours here}

I had three main games that I prepared for the kids, Bean Bag Toss, Knock Em Down, and the classic Duck Fishing game that Vince ALWAYS has to play when we go to the circus or shows or anything with a sideshow alley.

Knock 'em Down

I made the cans for the Knock em Down quite easily enough! Old cans from food, Milo, and generous donations from my friends and family soon meant I had enough. I soaked the labels off and then set them outside. I spray-painted them all white first, to give it a bit of a base coat, then with masking tape I sectioned bits off and chose different bright colours to spray-paint them. The ones with the dots on I just used acrylic paint and a paintbrush and dotted it on. When they were all dry I used a black Sharpie pen to just go over the separate colours to make them stand out a bit. I LOVE the cans so much! We've been using them around the house as vases, storing paint brushes and pencils and pens, and also Vince & his BFF enjoy rolling them down the driveway.

Beanbag Toss

I was worried the clown would frighten the kids. It frightened me...
I made bean bags for both the Knock em Down game and the Bean Bag Toss, 33 in total! Originally they were  four times the size, but I thought it would be cuter if they were smaller.

I cut them into small squares and sewed up three sides then turned them all right way out.

Then I filled them with rice, about 1/3 full, and folded the tops in and pinned them closed.

Then I carefully stitched across the tops with the sewing machine ^_^

The clown was a piece of foamcore board that was a disply sign at tim's old phone store. I sketched out the shape of the clown and cut him out, then glued pieces of fabric to him. Then I glued him to the bottom of a cardboard box that already had a hole cut out of it.

Here he is in action!

Duck Fishing

This is a game that is a family tradition for Vincent since he was 7 months old! Every time we go to a fair or a show that has sideshows, he always gets to play the duck fishing game to win a prize.

I bought a bulk lot of mini ducks off eBay, they showed up the day before the party PHEW.

I used an old metal tub that apparently immigrated from Holland with my Oma & Opa. My mum used to be given baths in it when she was little! I filled it with water and then the kids used aquarium fish nets to scoop up the ducks.

This was the most popular game!

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  1. Really nice collection of beanbags for play. I really enjoyed a lot in your blog.


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