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By ari - September 04, 2012

Do your Pinterest boards look like this?

My 'Tutorials/Patterns for Kidswear" board has well over 400 pins on it. Oh yeh, like I'm ever going to sit down and make every single thing on this board right? Well I thought that, and then I thought, HEY! That totally sounds like a challenge! Why can't I make over 400 items of kids clothes from these tutorials?

I was lamenting that I wanted to sew stuff, but that my kids have WAY too much stuff at the moment. Someone suggested I start making stuff the next size up. Wow, I am an absolute moron for not having thought of that. Someone suggested making stuff to sell, but I couldn't be bothered trying to sell stuff, although I am thinking about doing one offs every now and then. And then my cousin suggested just giving it away.

So I'm going to! I'm going to sew stuff in sizes too big for my kids for them to grow into {I'll just have to post photos of them wearing it later instead of right away. That'll be difficult}. I'm going to sew stuff just for the sake of sewing something cute. If it's from a pattern I've created I'll put it up for sale but if it is something from a tutorial or someone else's pattern then I will give it to some other lucky little kid.

I'm determined to work through these tutorials and patterns I have pinned, but also the inspiration boards I have for Vincent's Style and Edison's Style {there is also a board for ME and another on just tutorials for women}. I don't know how long it will take me, because people keep making more and more amazing things that inspire me! Some of the things I have pinned, though, are simple refashions which don't take too long. The other evening I managed to finish off a pretty kitty party dress for Edison, and then four things from my Pinterest boards!

It's not going to be a religious-every-day-or-every-week type thing, but it will be fairly often! I'm calling this series...

Join in if you want! I am going to have a linky party once a month {being realistic here} where you can show off what you have made from one of your Pinterest boards {or if you do not use Pinterest, something that you have been inspired by}.

I've got a post ready for you tomorrow, so we'll have our first ever blog party then {I'll put up balloons and everything}, and then after that it will be on the 1st of each month. I'll do follow up posts featuring the links that I enjoyed, as well as the ones you enjoyed the most! I'm excited. I know that the last thing the world needs is another blog party but I'm not doing it for the world! I'm doin' it for us 

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  1. Love this plan!!! So many of the things I do are inspired by pinterest, even if I end up tweaking them. I can't wait to link up!!! And what a superb idea to sew in bigger sizes - that is what I need to do for baby girl, she has tons of clothes now and most of the styles I like will really work best once she is a toddler. You are a smart woman, surrounded by smart women ;o) How are your PR&P items coming along??? ~Suzanne

  2. Awesome idea! My pinterest boards are overflowing lol I think I should do this too :) I've been pinning girly items like crazy but I really need newborn/0-3 month sized clothes for the unborn girly and 24 months and 7's for my sons. Gotta get on this!
    Bonnie MS

  3. haha I think you might follow my kids clothes board, so you should know it looks just like that! My problem is that I have two boys and have LOTS of girls clothes pinned. :(

    But I absolutely love this idea! AND with the linky party!


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