Pinspired: Captain America Tee

By ari - September 05, 2012

Hurray! Our first ever blog/linky party! Details and rules and the link up are below - but first check out what I made.

I decided to head to the very bottom of my Tutorials/Patterns for Kidswear Pinterest board and made this nice and simple t-shirt refashion. Earlier this year I managed to scoop up a handful of plain white t-shirts for Vincent {size 4 yikes!} for $3 at Big W! I knew I would stencil onto them, but one of them came quite handy for this!

Shwin & Shwin is one of my favourite blogs. Shauna always has a new tutorial up every other day, and I think 99% of the things I pin come from her blog! Today I'm sharing with you my version of her Mod Captain America Tee.

The shorts are also mama-made! Dana's Kids Pants yo
Vincent is a HUGE Star Wars fan. I mean it's completely crazy and half the time people {grandparents and his father included} have no clue what he is saying. Second to this obsession is Superheroes. The Good Guys. At 3 years old, his world is very black and white. You're either a good guy or a bad guy. It's difficult to explain some things to him, but I really wish sometimes that life was really that uncomplicated! Good guy or a bad guy?

He's primarily into DC Comics {cough cough no influence from me cough} - you know, Batman/Superman/Wonderwoman/Green Lantern etc. But somehow he has started knowing about Marvel. I don't know how, because the only Marvel I know is from the movies, but he can identify Ironman, Spiderman, and the Hulk. He's only just recently started seeing Captain America in like, everything, also.

So anyway, I made this shirt for him and he recognised who it was supposed to be right away! I'm thinking of adding a shield on the back too!

I used an old pair of man pants for the navy sections, and a mens shirt for the white bits. I wish I had have realised that the white wings on the helmet wouldn't show up that well on the white shirt, but I'm going to fix them up I think. Also I accidentally got Vliesofix {Australia's answer to Heat 'n' Bond} on the front of the helmet. Wooo!

Doesn't matter, the kid rocks it.

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  1. That's great! He looks so cute :) Thanks for the linky party, though I do feel I should be sharing clothes with it being your blog haha.
    Helen x

  2. love the shirt - I really need to start playing with fabric manipulation. The only thing I have ever done is the freezer paper stencil on baby girl's curtains. I promise I will have better pinspired items once i get my head back on straight. I made my link Made's 90 min shirt, but honestly everything except the jacket in that post is pinspired ;op This is the BEST linky party I have seen yet! ~Suzanne

  3. wow,it looks so cute,and T-shirt,I like it~


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